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This oscillator was specifically developed to be the rock-solid heart of the SFS series amplified system. It is built upon our truly-all-fibre technology, with no degradable components inside and no SESAM. The oscillator is equipped with a special sel

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FSC Series OPOs

OPO, OPADelivers high power, broadband coherent light.

Our OPO is our flagship product. We are the first company to offer tunable optical parametric oscillator products that cover both the near-IR and mid-IR wavelength regions.

Our near-IR OPO generates light across the 1.4 µm – 4 µm region (7100 cm-1 – 2500 cm-1). Wavelength selection is achieved by translation of a PPLN crystal with varying grating periodicity.

Our mid-IR OPO makes use of a new generation of non-linear crystals which allows the generation of light across the 5 µm – 12 µm region (2000 cm-1 – 1000 cm-1).

Both systems are optically pumped by the FSC series 1040 HP, which is fully integrated into the optical head to maximize stability and reduce the overall footprint.

The near-IR OPO generates few-picoseconds pulse durations which doesn’t require long hours in set up time. Our laser source does not require water cooling and comes with a simple user interface, making it one of the easiest laser sources to operate.

For spectroscopy applications and CARS microscopy, there is often a need to tune to several specific wavelengths. The ability to generate light at these longer infrared wavelengths is key to detecting a wide range of solids, liquids, gases. Being able to generate instantaneous broadband light across the 3 – 4 µm wavelength region lends itself to being able to identify and quantify a large number of hydrocarbons using techniques such as FTIR spectroscopy. The same is also true across the 5 – 12 µm fingerprint region where more complex chemical signatures can be readily identified.


Features & Benefits

Tunability and high average power enables a broad range of spectroscopic and sensing applications.


(1) Near-IR OPO

(2) Mid-IR OPO


Representative instantaneous bandwidth as the OPO is tuned across its full range. Water absorption lines can be observed across the 5.5 – 7.5 μm range.

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Hire one of our ultrafast lasers to experience their power and robustness first-hand. You can now use our femtosecond fiber lasers, or tunable optical parametric oscillators, to accelerate your research without incurring the total cost of ownership.

Our FSC-1040 laser and FSC series OPOs can be drop-shipped and installed remotely, without the presence of an onsite engineer. Our ultrafast lasers are easy-to-use and operational ready straight out of the box – so you spend less time running the equipment, and more time pioneering results.

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Application Notes:

femto-second lasers

 Measuring Picosecond Fluorescence Lifetimes using a FSC 520
 Deep tissue cardiac imaging using the FSC 1040
 SHG imaging in starch and collagen fibres using the FSC 1040
 Two-photon fluorescence microscopy using theFSC 1040
 Two-Photon Lightsheet Microscopy using the FSC 1040
 Heating of Hybrid Gold-Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Biological Media using the FSC 10400
 Supercontinuum using FSC 1040
 Two-Photon quantum interference and entanglement at 2.1μm using the FSC 1040 and Near-IR OPO
 Active FTIR-based stand-off spectroscopy using a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator
 White powder identification using broadband coherent light in the molecular fingerprint region
 Stand-off identification of aerosols using mid-infrared backscattering Fourier-transform spectroscopy (Near-IR OPO)
 Photon counting LIDAR at 2.3μm wavelength with superconducting nanowaves
 Open-path multi-species remote sensing with a broadband optical parametric oscillator
 Experimental observation of gain in a resonantly pumped Pr3+doped chalcogenide glass mid-infrared fibre amplifier
 Dual-comb spectroscopy in the spectral fingerprint region using OPGaP optical parametric oscillators
 Infrared fingerprint-region aerosol spectroscopy
 Molecular fingerprint-region spectroscopy from 5 to 12μm using an orientation-patterned gallium phosphide optical parametric oscillator

FSF Series 1030 nm Industry Grade Femtosecond Oscillators

This is not a usual laser. This is the superhero of laser oscillators. It has special superpowers that make it stand out from the crowd. Super-short yet ultra-fast. Small in size but very stable and robust. The earth may tremble but the laser will operate as usual. Same power, same pulse and no degradation over many years. Meet our Oscillator – the first SESAM-free and truly-all-fiber 1030 nm ultrafast laser.

This oscillator was specifically developed to be the rock-solid heart of the SFS series amplified system. It is built upon our truly-all-fibre technology, with no degradable components inside and no SESAM. The oscillator is equipped with a special self-starting solution ensuring the laser mode-locks every time. This feature together with the low size and power consumption makes the Oscillator perfect for OEM applications.opo, opa

The Oscillator can be used in applications that need pure and stable laser pulses. Applications include:



opa opa


FSF Series Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Our optical parameter amplifier is a device that precisely converts ultrafast pulses of one band (e.g. 1030 nm pulses coming from FSF series femto-second lasers) into a set of pulsed laser beams tunable in an extremely broad spectrum of wavelengths, ranging from 210nm up to 2600nm. All automated, all software-controlled.opo OPA

Growing number of ultrafast spectroscopy techniques has prompted the need for a robust and reliable, self-diagnostic device. The Optical Parametric Amplifier can be fully compatible with most femtosecond lasers and provides automated tuning across the basic tuning range.


The OPA is a versatile piece of equipment, due to its broad range of tuning and high conversion efficiency. When seeded with a reliable ultrafast laser such as our femto-second lasers, it may find use in many applications like pump probe spectroscopy, non-linear optics & neuroscience.



Harmony Basic

Number of outputs

Four, as per table below

Pulse duration of Signal

< 200 fs

Signal bandwidth

< 250 cm-1


Linear, horizontal

Beam quality M2


Dimension 760x420x65mm

Performance and tuning


Tuning range

Conversion efficiency**

Signal and idler

630–1020nm and 1040–2600nm

> 5% across tuning range, 12% at peak of tuning range

SH of signal and idler

315 – 510 nm and 520 – 630 nm

> 2% at peak of tuning range

FH of signal and idler

210 – 250 nm and 260 – 310 nm

> 0.5% at peak of tuning range

FH of pump beam

fixed 257 ± 2 nm

> 5%***

opo opa

STKM-YFi OPA Robust, Briefcase-sized Tuneable Ultrafast SWIR/MWIR Source

The STKM-YFi OPA is our vertically integrated optical parametric amplifier pumped by a STKM-YFi HP. The class-leading pulse duration of the 1035 nm centred STKM-YFi HP results in both a stable, coherent white light seed source and exceptionally high conversion efficiency into the short-wave and mid-wave infrared.

Y-FiTM OPA Unique Features:


STKM-YFi OPA Tuneability





Central wavelength

1250 – 1800nm

2.4 – 4.4μm

Pulse Width

< 50fs bandwidth*

< 100fs bandwidth*

Beam Quality

M² < 1.4**

Not specified

Average Power

>0.4W @ 1MHz***

>0.1W @ 1MHz***

Pulse Energy

>0.4μJ @ 1MHz***

>0.1μJ @ 1MHz***

Peak Power

>3MW supported

Not specified

Repetition Rate

1 -2MHz

1 -2MHz

Power Stability

<3% RMS over 12 hours after 30min of warm-up

<3% RMS over 12 hours after 30min of warm-up****

Pointing Stability

<20μrad RMS over 12 hours after 30min of warm-up**

Not specified

STKM-YFi OPA Example Data:


2-photon image of signal mode

λ = 1350 nm

4-photon image of idler mode

λ = 4000 nm


Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

iNOPA™ is a white light continuum-seeded, non-collinear, optical parametric amplifier capable of generating extremely short pulses when pumped by the Model IMPULSETMYb-doped Fiber Oscillator/Amplifier. To generate short pulses the output beam of the Model IMPULSE laser is split into two beams inside the Model iNOPA enclosure. One beam is used to generate an extremely broad continuum seed beam which is then amplified by the second, higher intensity beam from IMPULSETMin a BBO crystal operated in a non-collinear arrangement. Non-collinear amplification preserves the very broad linewidth of the seed beam, which can then be compressed to a pulsewidth as short as 15 fs in a prism compressor. Non-collinear amplification is preferred since the resulting pulsewidth is dependent only on the bandwidth of the seed and not on the pulsewidth of the pump laser. In fact, conversion efficiency is improved by having a longer, rather than shorter, pump pulse because the there is more overlap in time between the two beams.

Please contact us for more information.

1Christian Schriever, Stefan Lochbrunner, Patrizia Krok, and Eberhard Riedle;Tunable pulses from below 300 to 970 nm with durations down to 14 fs based on a 2 MHz ytterbiumdoped fiber system, OPTICS LETTERS / Vol. 33, No. 2 / January 15, 2008

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