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Fiber Cables for Diode Lasers

Fiber Cables for Diode Lasers

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Our Power Fiber Cables (PFC) with PC-SMA905 connector exploit the air-gap-ferrule design where the fiber prolongs into free space securing an epoxy-free area where thermal energy can be safely dissipated.

1. STA Series High-power Fibers

Our Power Fiber Cables (PFC) with PC-SMA905 connector exploit the air-gap-ferrule design, where the fiber prolongs into free space securing an epoxy-free area, where thermal energy can be safely dissipated without burning the surrounding material, making them ideal for high-power applications.

A heat-sink is attached to the rear of the connector, which conducts extraneous heat away from the fiber, further reducing the possibility of breakdown.

Each cable assembly goes through the tight Quality Control with several examinations during the fabrication process, including extensive inspection of fiber tip quality by FiberCheck® technique, leading , as a result, to a special product.

  • Operating Wavelength Range: 350-2500 nm
  • Damage Threshold: >5J/mm² (1ms pulse at 1060 nm, & > 1.3 kJ/mm² CW at 1060 nm)
  • PC-SMA 905 connector
  • Anodized aluminum heat sink
  • Air-Gap-Ferrule Epoxy Free

STHPFC-9 General Specifications

Core Core diameter (μm) Pure fused silica (low OH-) 9
Cladding Cladding diameter (μm) Fluorine doped fused silica 135
Coating Polyimide coating (-190°C to 385: C)
Protective tube Silicon coated Stainless Steel
Numerical aperture 0.22
Fibre connector Length PC-SMA905 3 m
Max. laser power (W) 1 W
Short term bending radius (cm) Long term bending radius (cm) 3.6 14.4

High-power Fibers for Diode Lasers

High Power (HP-) Silica Cables are assembled with innovative HP-SMA-connectors made with inner Copper ferrules for free fiber end position and capable for durable delivery of laser power of high intensity in pulsed or cw mode in the range below 1kW (cw).

Super High Power (SHP-) Silica Cables could deliver up to several kW from Diode and Solid State lasers resulting from their assembly with a larger size SHP-connectors of special design with diameter spans 2.5, 4, 10 and 15mm - or with Mitsubishi connectors of D-80 and D-200 types. Bespoken SHP-connector design may include Copper ferrule protection by Sapphire rings to prevent Copper evaporation by intensive laser beam.

Fiber Core Diameter (μm) 100 200 400 600 800-1000 1000-2000
Max Power (kW) >0.1 >0.6 >1 2-4 6-8 >8

HP- and SHP-cables can be protected by polymer coated metal armor or MKS-jacketing (Stainless Steel / Kevlar / Silicon) for durable protection of silica fibers inside – which diameter spans from 100μm to 2mm. In-house technology of precise assembly allows to assembled single HP & SHP-cables with a length from 50mm to 100m.

All silica fiber NA = 0,22, default length 1m, protected in stainless steel (inside) and fabric silicone (outside) tubing (out diameter 6mm, grey), terminated with 2x SMA905 free end connectors, electrically disconnected

Part number STA-SMA905-F100 STA-SMA905-200 STA-SMA905-400 STA-SMA905-600
Fibre core diameter (μm) 100 200 400 600
Fibre cladding diameter (μm) 140 280 480 720
Max. laser power (W) 70 150 150 150
Short term bending radius (cm) 1.1 2.1 3.6 5.4
Long term bending radius (cm) 4.2 8.4 14.4 21.6
  • Fiber length: other lengths available upon request.
  • Remark: Other specifications are available upon request.

Order Information:

STA-SMA905-Fxxx-yyyy: xxx is core diameter in um and yyyy is fiber length in mm.

1) HP- & SHP-cables based on UV- & NIR-Silica glass for flexible power delivery of Diode, Solid State, DPSS and Gas lasers – which durable exploitation is secured by low optical losses in fiber of special structure, by innovative design of HP- & SHP-connectors, by proper fiber protection with armored MKS-jackets and by inhouse test of all cables performance;

2) HP- & SHP-cables based on special Silica fiber coated by Aluminium, Copper or Copper alloys – where unique technology of metal freezing on lateral fiber surface doubles fiber bending strength, accelerates dissipation of laser induced heat from the fiber under delivery of high power and enables cables applications at high temperatures up to 600°C;

3) HP-Silica Fiber Summarizers for fiber collection of power from 3 to 7 Diode Laser Modules - provides above 100W of combined laser power at the input of HP-Refocusator of special design and then this refocused power is homogenized by HP-fiber Homogenizer. This 3 component HP-Silica Fiber System provides flexible solution for multiwavelength laser combination and for medical applications like hair epilation in cosmetology;

4) HP-Silica Fiber Dental Applicators (SFDA) – for disposable applications in advanced laser dentistry and ENT laser surgery. Variety of HP-Silica cables for medical lasers includes the design where fibers are assembled with electric wires in the same protective jacket – as it is required for remote control and variation of laser parameters during laser surgery. Distal fiber ends may be terminated with a variety of hand-pieces of bespoke design.

2. STH Series Laser Fibers with Connectors


Used to deliver laser beam with high coupling efficiency and high damage shreshold.

  • Fiber length: 2meter (other lengths available upon request)
  • Wavelength: UV-IR (108nm to 2500nm)
  • Connector: SMA905 at both ends (other connectors available upon request)
  • Core diameter: 100/200/300/400/600/800
  • N. A.: 0.22 (others available upon request)
  • Diameter of protective tubing: 6mm
  • Core material: crystal fiber

Ordering Information:

STH-xxxxx-Fyyy-z, where xxxx means connector (such as SMA905…), yyy means core diameter in um, z means fiber length in meter. For example, STH-SMA905-F400-2 is an optical fiber with SMA905 connectors, core 0.4mm and 2m long.

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