Articulated Arms for Beam Delivery

Articulated Arms for Beam Delivery

Keywords: articulated arm, beam delivery, reflection, focusing

The articulated arm delivery system is used in conjunction with various types of CO2, YAG, and other wavelength laser systems as a means of delivering the laser energy from the laser launch to the process point. A six or

1. STC Series Articulated Arms

The articulated arm delivery system is used in conjunction with various types of CO2, YAG, and other wavelength laser systems as a means of delivering the laser energy from the laser launch to the process point. A six or seven joint articulated arm for the delivery of laser energy. Attachment to the laser is accomplished with a laser mount plate and various coupling devices, and process end is attached to the hand piece by the use of an adapter at the end of the arm.

PNWavelengthCounter Balance TypeNumber of JointsOverall Length
Weight (Kg)Mirrors
Clear Aperture
Rotation Angle
STC-S-6YAG/CO2/He-NeSpring614504~8φ24×3φ14/φ18Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°
STC-S-7YAG/CO2/He-NeSpring716754~8φ30×4.5φ20Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°
STC-S-7aYAG/CO2/He-NeAdjustable lever spring716754~8φ24×3φ14/φ18Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°
STC-W-7YAG/CO2/He-NeWeight716754~8φ24×3φ14/φ18Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°
STC-WC-7YAG/CO2/He-NeCassette weight716754~8φ24×3φ14/φ18Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°
STC-W-7-aYAG/CO2/He-NeAdjustable lever Weight716754~8φ24×3φ14/φ18Horizontal 360°, vertical 135°

Ordering Information: STC-x-y-z-A-nnnn, where STC is the product series, x means counter balance types (S for spring, W for weight), y means number of joints (6, 7 or others), z means arm colors (W for White, B for Black, WA for white aluminum), A means with adjustable lever function, nnnn means laser wavelength.

We can provide various focus lenses with focal lengths of 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 400mm for articulated arms.

2. STL Series Articulated Arms

articulated arms articulated arms

The Articulated Arm is used as a flexible delivery system where preserving the mode quality is essential or suitably transmitting optical fiber material is not readily available. Carefully engineered components provide the best combination of inertia, friction and rotation for precise hand-guided motions. Stainless steel ball bearings and connectors are used along with all-aluminum, anodized tubing and knuckle assemblies to withstand heavy-use environments.

All mirrors are removable and replaceable without realigning. Mirrors are retained in holders when removed for easy inspection. There is a greater than 92% transmission for the CO2 laser at 10.6 microns, random polarization (greater than 80% for HeNe laser). Power up to 250 watts without cooling. Power density up to 1,000 W per square cm. Mirrors utilized in the arm are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. When replacement is necessary, mirrors must be purchased directly from us.

Damped horizontal and vertical pivots retain arm in its last position when released. The arm is lightweight, with a total weight of 7 kg (less handpiece). The arm weight force is straight down through the flange which eliminates bending moments on mount. Handpiece weights are accepted from 0 to 4 ounces with optional threads available for all popular handpieces and manipulators.

Near field error at end of arm within a 1 mm diameter circle at all arm positions with tubes unstrained. Within a 0.5 mm diameter circle when the vertical down tube is within ±45 degrees of its normal hanging position. Far field error (angular divergence) is less than ±1 milliradian to the axis of the last knuckle. Electric isolation arm to ground is R = 5-10 Megohm, class CF. Arms have sealed ball bearings to prevent external contamination and allow internal pressurization. Optional mirrors with higher transmission values, polarization control, Excimer, Ruby, Erbium, Nd: YAG and other wavelengths are available. Custom designs in other lengths, fold-up configurations with collapsible low profile weights, custom colors and shapes, and apertures to 1.4" are available upon request. Total arm lengths from .5 meter to 2 meters with offset or non offset hubs are available.

articulated arms articualted arms

articulated arms


  • Power Rating: up to 8 kW*

  • Clear Apertures: 15, 19, 35 and 50 mm

  • Wavelengths: All

  • Water Cooling: Optional*

  • Maximum Tube Length: 2.5 M*

  • Angular Bias (Static Alignment):<0.7 mrad*

  • Beam Center Deviation (Static Alignment):<0.5 mm*

  • Operating Temperature: -50° C – +55° C

*Specifications dependent on model chosen and does not apply to all arms.

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