Optical/Mirror Mounts

Optical/Mirror Mounts

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Low cost, high quality mirror mounts of different sizes, accuracy, shapes and adjustment ranges.

Beam Expander Mount

The beam expander mounts are used to hold a beam expander, red pilot diode, mirrors with the screw M22x0.75mm. They are 4D adjustable for optics alignment at angles, positions.

beam expander mount

  • Model: BEM-22x0.75

  • 4D adjustable (4-axis adjustable) (X and Y directions travel ±2mm, X and Z directions tilting ±4 deg)

  • Suitable for the beam expander with a screw of M22x0.75mm

  • Dimension: 60x60x45mm

Custom-made beam expander mounts available upon request.

STAL Series Mirror Mounts

1. STAL-4LL Series Four-Axis Optical Mount

STAL-4LL-OM Four-Axis Optical Mount is a precise and robust solution for mounting telescopes, beam expanders, beam shapers, or any other heavy optics.

It allows to optics adjustment in 4 degrees of freedom:

  • Two axes of angular adjustment can be tilted in a range up to ±4 degrees which are realized by two screws of thread pitch 250 μm (100TPI).

  • Two axes of lateral adjustment can be moved within ±2 mm and are driven by two screws of thread pitch 200 μm. Both – translation and rotation positions can be locked which secures long-term stability for heavy optics which is STAL-4LL-OM core advantage over spring-based positioners.


  • Two-axis kinematic mount with two screws (thread pitch 250 μm (100TPI)) with position lock. Adjustment range up to ±4 degrees

  • Two-axis translation stage with ±2 mm travel range driven by two screws (thread pitch 200 μm). Translation stage with position lock

  • 5 mounting holes (M4) for convenient mount positioning

We can customize this product to your needs.mirror mount


  • Fine screw thread: M6x0.25mm

  • Tilt range: ±4deg

  • Sensitivity: 3arcsec

  • XY translation range: ±2mm

  • XY translation sensitivity: 1μm

  • Weight: 200g

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Suitable to optical diameter: 25.4mm

  • Physical dimensions: 79x79x33.5mm

2. STAL-SD Series Industrial Optical Mounts

The STAL-SD industrial precisely adjustable mirror mount provides excellent performance for demanding applications. The design ensures stress-free low distortion mounting for optics, excellent holding force and pointing stability. Type SD mount allows precise mirror adjustment in both X and Y directions. 100TPI micro screws provide accurate adjustment and easily accessible fully integrated locking mechanism ensuring excellent angle stability. Depending on the application, optics can be held either by specially designed ZeroDef flexure ring or by semi-permanent optical adhesives. The mount is precisely machined from special alloys to provide optimum beam pointing stability over changing environmental conditions such as temperature and transportation shock as well as vibrations and humidity.

mirror mounts


  • Vacuum compatible

  • Ultra-compact design

  • Two adjusters hex driven design

  • Reliable and easy to use the lock mechanism

  • Fast & easy replacement of optics using ZeroDef flexure ring (RS)

  • Stable and distortion-free mounting of optics

  • Special metallic alloys used for smooth operation and optimal performance

General Specifications

  • Mechanical angular range*: ±3.5°

  • Resolution*: 10mrad/rev

  • Pointing stability: <2 μrad deviation after extensive temperature cycling on Type SD mount size

  • *depends on Type SD mount size

Product numberOptics diameter**, mmPhysical dimensions

(H x W x L), mm

ZeroDef flexure ring (RS) included***
STAL-SD-127-01-VC-M12.725.4 x 25.4 x 20No
STAL-SD-127-01-VC-RS-M12.725.4 x 25.4 x 20Yes
STAL-SD-254-01-VC-M25.440 x 40 x 25No
STAL-SD-254-01-VC-RS-M25.440 x 40 x 25Yes
STAL-SD-300-01-VC-M3045 x 45 x 25No
STAL-SD-300-01-VC-RS-M3045 x 45 x 25Yes
STAL-SD-381-01-VC-M38.155 x 55 x 28No
STAL-SD-381-01-VC-RS-M38.155 x 55 x 28Yes
STAL-SD-508-01-VC-M50.865 x 65 x 30No
STAL-SD-508-01-VC-RS-M50.865 x 65 x 30Yes
  • ** Custom mount configurations are available on request.

  • *** Mounts containing ZeroDef retaining ring (RS) can accept elements with 6 – 6.35 mm thickness.

ST Series Miniature Ultra Precision Mirror Mounts


  • Metric and English both available.

  • High resolution position adjustment with ensured stability.

  • Good repeatability and durability.

  • Steel ball contact with a abrasion-resistant sapphire seats.

  • Tilt and Azimuth Motion driven by 8-80 precision thumbscrew.

  • Very tight tolerance and damping grease between stainless steel precision leadscrew and bushing to form a negligible backlash combination.

  • Stainless steel precision leadscrew and phosphor bronze bushing is an ideal combination provides smooth, wobble-free and long-term stability.

  • Compatible with diameter 12.7mm (0.5") optical components.

  • Tilt adjustment range of ± 3.5 °

  • Physical dimension: 35x35x34mm

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