DPSS Laser Marker

DPSS Laser Marker

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The diode end-pumped Q-switched laser marking machine is an air-cooled small compact and low power consumption. The laser beam has TEMoo with high beam quality high peak power and short pulse width.

To meet the growing demand for industrial precision processing, we have creatively developed the diode end-pumped Q-switched UV laser marking machine. It is small, compact and low power consumption. This laser machine can meet the requirements of most industrial precision processing.


  • Fully sealed cavity

  • Excellent power drift  < 2%

  • Low power consumption

  • User-friendly GUI

  • Long life span


  • Short wavelength with high photon energy

  • Micro & precision machining

  • Heat sensitive processing

  • Cutting, marking, drilling, and prototyping

  • Flexible PCB, PCB, wafer, glass, IC industrials


  • Auto Z axis

  • XY stage

  • Rotary table

  • Flip/flop stage

  • Vision system

  • Loading/unloading stage

  • Enclosed cabinet


Galvo parameters

Laser parametersoptical maserUV laser
Laser wavelength355nm
Average output power3W (or others)
Modulation frequency range20kHz~80kHz
Optical output CharacteristicsMaximum speed7000mm/s
Re-positioning precision0.003mm
Marking range110*110mm or 200*200mm or others
Minimum line width0.01mm
Minimum height of characters0.2mm
Cooling systemCooling wayWater Cooling
System propertiesLaser power supply0.5kW/AC220V/50Hz
Environmental requirements0 ~ 35 ° C, 90% or humidity


  • Other laser power level 5W/10/15W available. Please select a laser from here.

  • Other laser wavelengths 1064nm/532nm available. Please select a 532nm laser or 1064nm laser.

  • For your own integration, we can supply all laser parts and subsystems of the marking machines such as laser, beam expander, f-theta lens, marking card & software, stage, cabinet etc.

  • More configurations available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Application Notes:

Marking field: Marking field depends on scan lens (f-theta lens) once other parameters and parts are confirmed. Large field sizes demand the use of lenses of long focal length. In turn, this leads to increase focused spot size and decrease laser power density on the workpiece. Thus reasonable mark field should be carefully selected. If both small focused beam diameter (narrow line width) and large marking field are simultaneously required, a XY moving table is recommended for best performance. However, there may be a little alignment along the junction edges of neighbour pisions since the moving accuracy and resolution are always limited.

Focused beam diameter: The focused beam diameter is related to f-theta lens, beam expander and laser parameter (beam quality, beam diameter, beam pergence etc). Higher laser power always needs larger beam diameter and thus results in worse beam quality (such as larger pergence angle etc) and further results in larger focused beam diameter.

Mark linewidth: in order to get narrow linewidth, 1) you may use the f-theta lens with smaller mark field and beam expander with larger beam expansion ratio. 2) You may increase beam quality by inserting an aperture inside laser resonator. 3) you may increase the marking speed.

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