CW Lamp Driver

CW Lamp Driver

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The STCW series laser power supplies are made for CW lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers. The main circuit of the power supply is based on power electronic module IGBT for high conversion efficiency.

The STCW series laser power supplies are made for CW lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers. The main circuit of the power supply is based on power electronic module IGBT, adopts PWM technique to yield conversion efficiency more than 90%, and outputs constant current with high accuracy and low current ripple. Ignition circuits which produce a high voltage pulse consists of three steps: series high voltage unit for igniting the lamp, LC unit to relay the power, and low –voltage-constant-current to continue the lamp current. Automatic igniting is achieved with igniting-detecting circuit. The successful ratio of one-time ignition is more than 99%. The high voltage rises smoothly, and its magnitude can be adjusted to meet the dispersible characteristics of the krypton lamps, and to reduce the spattering of the electrode material at the same time, and further to reduce the damage to the krypton lamp caused by high voltage triggering.

The soft-charging circuit and soft-starting circuit are provided to avoid the voltage spiking and in-rush current in the event of starting. Display shows the set current and operation current at different time. The function of “work/sleep” is designed to output normal current at working and low holding current at the time of stand by, so as to increase the efficiency of the power supply, lighten the heat exchanger system, and prolong the lifetime of the lamp as well. Conveniently turns switch to Run/Stop status, adjust output current, and show the working status through the inner/outer control selection.

Excellent design makes the power supply maintained easily and perfect design of circuit protects the device from over voltage, over current and over heat.

There are the following advantages of our products:

  • High reliability
  • Advanced design of the whole circuits system highly improves the electrical characteristics of the power supply.
  • Anti-dust design
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Malfunction indicators
  • Strict testing and 48hour full-load testing in the factory
  • Temperature test in -10℃~70℃ to ensure that it works stably in the ambient temperature at 0℃~50℃.
  • Test in relative humidity 90%.

Measure the current ripple and test the stability of the output current accurately in factory to make sure that the output current meets the requirements of the Kr lamp.

Part Number Description: STCWxyzT

STCW – STCW series CW laser power supplies

  • X ----maximum output current (2 means 20A or 25A, 3 means 30A, 4 means 40A)
  • Y ----Maximum output voltage (4 means 400V, 2 means 200V)
  • Z ----input electricity (A means 3-phase 380VAC, B means 1-phase 220VAC)
  • T ----others
Model STCW24AG
Electrical supply 3P, 380V+N ±10% 3P, 220V ±10% 3P, 380V+N ±10% 1P, 220V ±10%
Max. output voltage (V) 400 200 200 200
Max. output current (I) 20/30 20/30/40 20/30/40 20/30
Current adj. (A) 7~20/30 7~30/40 7~30/40 7~20/30
Current ripple ≤0.4≤ ≤0.4≤ ≤0.4≤ ≤0.4≤
Control precision 0.4% 0.4% 0.4% 0.4%
Repeatability 0.1% 0.1% 0.1% 0.1%
Start delay (S) 6 6 6 6
Operation switching frequency (kHz) 12~35 12~35 12~35 12~35
Environment temp (℃) 0~50 0~50 0~50 0~50
Environment humility ≤90% ≤90% ≤90% ≤90%
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