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Sintec Newsletter No. 202112

Published date:Dec 03, 2021


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Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes

Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes

STK Series Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes (500W) Our STK series fiber-coupled laser diodes can be pided into two categories: single emitter laser diodes and multi-single emitter laser diodes. 1. Single Emitter Laser Diodes Single emitter laser diodes can


Fiber-Coupled AOM

Fiber-Coupled AOM

By virtue of having no moving parts our acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) are able to amplitude modulate a laser beam at very high speed. For example modulation bandwidths in excss of 50MHz are readily achievable.


Mr. Bernhard Westerhoff visted Sintec

Mr. Bernhard Westerhoff of Sill Optics visted Sintec on 14 June 2022. He discussed with Sintec on the topics of deepening collaboration in Southeast Asia and improving customer experience. There was also a remote cloud meeting with Guangzhou Ante Laser, a subsidiary of Sintec Group, on potential opp

[New Product] 1940nm QCW Fiber Laser for Medical Applications

Our 1940nm series Continuous Wave (CW) and Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) fiber lasers deliver CW power up to 100 W and QCW pulsed power up to 625 W from a compact, air cooled, 48 V DC powered package. These highly reliable and energy efficient lasers operate at 1940nm wavelength and provides up to 7J of energy for your most demanding applications. Options include a high-power multi-mode output or a medium power single mode output, ideal for a diverse set of medical, industrial, scientific, aerospa

Lasers for Lithography

Lithography is the transfer of a designed pattern onto a flat surface, either directly or via an intermediate medium - excluding areas of the surface where the pattern is not required. In photomask lithography, where a design is patterned onto a substrate, a laser is used to expose the pattern, allowing deposited material to be etched away, preparing it for further processing. This lithography met

ATR Fiber Probe for Harsh and Hazardous Environment

We introduce a new product ATR fiber probe for harsh and hazardous environment (high temp, pressure, pH, vibration, etc.) with 12mm diameter shaft (for industrial application) and 6mm diameter shaft (for lab applications). These Fiber Optic ATR-Probes can be used for process-spectroscopy either in Near- or Mid-IR range for in-situ and in-line reaction monitoring in a broad temperature range from -

New Product Release: STU-Duetto 349

The STU-Duetto 349 UV Series offers unrivalled CW single frequency operation within the UV range, offering 50 mW power with outstanding beam characteristics, high output stability, extremely low noise, small footprint, and versatile software package

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