Scan Mirrors

Scan Mirrors

The scan mirrors are rectangular mirror of light weight. They are to be used for high speed two-axis laser scanning system. The mirrors are caoted at the given laser wavelengths such as 1064nm 532nm 355nm and 10.6um.

Model Description: SMxxxx-xxA-LxWxT-Dx-BB

  • SM: laser scan mirror
  • xxxx: laser wavelength, 1064nm, 532nm or10.6um
  • xx: maximum allowed input beam diameter (mm)
  • A: X mirror or Y mirror
  • LxWxT: dimension, length x width x thickness (mm)
  • Dx: mounted scan mirror with holder, x is the hole diameter of the holder in mm
  • BB: other for special use such as SJ series and WT series
  • Example: SM1064-12X-21x16.8x2-D5-SJ, mounted X mirror at 1064nm wavelength, mirror dimension 21x16x22mm, hole diameter of the holder of 5mm, dielectric coating at 1064nm

Scan Mirrors (10.6um, CO2 laser)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
8 SM10.6-8X-18x13x1.5-SJ 18x13x1.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
8 SM10.6-8Y-23.2x16x1.5-SJ 23.2x16x1.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
8 SM10.6-8X-18x13x1.9-SJ 18x13x1.9 Fused silica, gold-coating
8 SM10.6-8Y-23.2x16x1.9-SJ 23.2x16x1.9 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10X-18x14.5x2-SJ 18x14.5x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10Y-24x16x2-SJ 24x16x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10X-20.3x13.7x1.5-WT 20.3x13.7x1.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10Y-24.4x17.8x1.5-WT 24.4x17.8x1.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10X-18x14x2-LK 18x14x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
10 SM10.6-10Y-24x16x2-LK 24x16x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12X-21x16.8x2-SJ 21x16.8x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12Y-30x19x2-SJ 30x19x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12X-21x16x2-WT 21x16x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12Y-32x19x2-WT 32x19x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12X-20x16x2-LK 20x16x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
12 SM10.6-12Y-30x19x2-LK 30x19x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
15 SM10.6-15X-27x19x2-SJ 27x19x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
15 SM10.6-15Y-37x22x2-SJ 37x22x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
16 SM10.6-16X-28x20x2-SJ 28x20x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
16 SM10.6-16Y-39x23x2-SJ 39x23x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
16 SM10.6-16X-27x21-2.5-LK 27x21-2.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
16 SM10.6-16Y-38x24x2.5-LK 38x24x2.5 Fused silica, gold-coating
20 SM10.6-20X-37x24x2-SJ 37x24x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
20 SM10.6-20Y-49x31x2-SJ 49x31x2 Fused silica, gold-coating
25 SM10.6-25X-46x30x3-SJ 46x30x3 Fused silica, gold-coating
25 SM10.6-25Y-56.4x39x3-SJ 56.4x39x3 Fused silica, gold-coating
32 SM10.6-32X-57.5x36x3-SJ 57.5x36x3 Fused silica, gold-coating
32 SM10.6-32Y-68x45x3-SJ 68x45x3 Fused silica, gold-coating

Scan Mirrors (1064nm, Nd:YAG laser)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
7 SM1064-7X-12X10X1-SJ 12X10X1

Optical glass,
dielectric coating,
reflectivity >99.5% at 1064nm
and >80% at 633nm.

7 SM1064-7Y-17X10X1-SJ 17X10X1
8 SM1064-8X-18x13x1.5-SJ 18x13x1.5
8 SM1064-8Y-22x15x1.5-SJ 23.2x16x1.5
8 SM1064-8X-18x13x1.9-SJ 18x13x1.9
8 SM1064-8Y-22x15x1.9-SJ 23.2x16x1.9
10 SM1064-10X-20x15x2-SJ 20x15x2
10 SM1064-10Y-27.5x17x2-SJ 27.5x17x2
10 SM1064-10X-20.3x13.7x1.5-WT 20.3x13.7x1.5
10 SM1064-10Y-24.4x17.8x1.5-WT 24.4x17.8x1.5
10 SM1064-10X-18x14x2-LK 18x14x2
10 SM1064-10Y-24x16x2-LK 24x16x2
12 SM1064-12X-21x16.8x2-SJ 21x16.8x2
12 SM1064-12Y-30x19x2-SJ 30x19x2
12 SM1064-12X-21x16x2-WT 21x16x2
12 SM1064-12Y-32x19x2-WT 32x19x2
12 SM1064-12X-20x16x2-LK 20x16x2
12 SM1064-12Y-30x19x2-LK 30x19x2
15 SM1064-15X-27x19x2-SJ 27x19x2
15 SM1064-15Y-37x22x2-SJ 37x22x2
16 SM1064-16X-28x20x2-SJ 28x20x2
16 SM1064-16Y-39x23x2-SJ 39x23x2
16 SM1064-16X-27x21-2.5-LK 27x21-2.5
16 SM1064-16Y-38x24x2.5-LK 38x24x2.5
20 SM1064-20X-37x24x2-SJ 37x24x2
20 SM1064-20Y-49x31x2-SJ 49x31x2
25 SM1064-25X-46x30x3-SJ 46x30x3
25 SM1064-25Y-56.4x39x3-SJ 56.4x39x3
32 SM10.6-32X-57.5x36x3-SJ 57.5x36x3
32 SM10.6-32Y-68x45x3-SJ 68x45x3

Scan Mirrors (532nm, Nd:YAG laser)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
12 SM532-12X-21x16.8x2-SJ 21x16.8x2 Optical glass,
dielectric coating,
reflectivity >99.5% at 532nm.
12 SM532-12Y-30x19x2-SJ 30x19x2
12 SM532-12X-21x16x2-WT 21x16x2
12 SM532-12Y-32x19x2-WT 32x19x2
15 SM532-15X-27x19x2-SJ 27x19x2
15 SM532-15Y-37x22x2-SJ 37x22x2
16 SM532-16X-28x20x2-SJ 28x20x2
16 SM532-16Y-39x23x2-SJ 39x23x2
20 SM532-20X-37x24x2-SJ 37x24x2
20 SM532-20Y-49x31x2-SJ 49x31x2
25 SM532-25X-46x30x3-SJ 46x30x3
25 SM532-25Y-56.4x39x3-SJ 56.4x39x3

Scan Mirrors (visible light)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
10 SMV-10X-20.3x13.7x1.5-WT 20.3x13.7x1.5

Optical glass, protective
silver coating

10 SMV-10Y-24.4x17.8x1.5-WT 24.4x17.8x1.5
12 SMV-12X-21x16x2-WT 21x16x2
12 SMV-12Y-32x19x2-WT 32x19x2

Scan Mirrors (1550nm)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
12 SM1550-12X-21x16.8x2-SJ 21x16.8x2 Optical glass,
di-electric coating
12 SM1550-12Y-30x19x2-SJ 30x19x2

Scan Mirrors (750nm)

Max input beam diameter Part number Dimension (LxWxT, mm) Remark
12 SM750-12X-21x16.8x2-SJ 21x16.8x2 Optical glass, di-electric coating
12 SM750-12Y-30x19x2-SJ 30x19x2

Custom-design and -fabrications are available upon request.