Helium-free transverse flow CO2 laser
excited by high  frequency

Chen Tao, Qiu Junlin,  Wong Xianjun Chen Yihong,  Gong Zhiwei
Chen Peifeng
Tang Zhonghua, Xu Qiyan  
Laser Institute Huazhong University of Sceience and Technology Wuhan, China  


In general, a great quantity of helium is  applied in a high power CO2 laser. In order to reduce the operation cost of CO2 lasers, a helium-free transverse flow CO2 laser excited by  high frequency has been developed. The discharge characteristics  and output performance of the laser  are investigated. It is shown that the maximum input power density can reach up to 21W/cm3, the laser power and conversion efficiency can reach 600W and 13% respectively for our helium free CO2 laser.

Reprinted from Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 1979, 72-75 (1992)

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