High-Power Helium-Free CW CO2 Laser

  CW CO2 Laser
(This laser was made in 1989. More new machines are available now.)  

The first high-power helium-free CW CO2 laser was produced in Wuhan, China in 1985. It was awarded the third-class prize for Progress in Science and Technology by the State Education Commission of China in 1992. The China patent number is 86100643.7.

The laser is suitable for surface hardening, cutting, welding, and laser cladding.


  1. Plate-pin discharge configuration;
  2. All-sealed cooling system;
  3. Voltage/current constant technology;
  4. Argon used instead of expensive helium

Main Specifications:

Model HL1250 HL2500
laser power (kW) 1.25 (multimode) 2.0 (multimode)
  0.75 (low-order mode) 1.5 (low-order mode)
Max. laser power (kW) 1.5 2.5
Laser wavelength (um) 10.6 10.6
Power stability (%) +-3 +-3
Beam diameter (mm) 26 30
Beam divergence (mrad) 5 (multimode) 5 (multimode)
  2 (low-order mode) 2 (low-order mode)
Gas pressure (torr) 60-65 55-60
Gas composition CO2+N2+Ar CO2+N2+Ar
Electrical  power (kW) 30 50
Cooling water (t/hr) 3 5
Weight (t) 2 3
Dimension (mm)    
Laser head 1910x1300x1700 1750x1350x2000
Power supply 1420x650x1750 900x550x1800

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