2023 India Exhibition

Time: Sep 20,2023 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1379

Sintec Optronics exhibited at Laser World of Photonics India 2023 from 13-15 September 2023 in Bangalore. We are excited to return to the show since COVID-19, this time together with our partner, Sill Optics.

Sintec Optronics has been a prominent presence in the photonics industry in India, supplying products to research and industrial customers for a wide variety of applications, including laser processing, diamond cutting, optical computing, etc. We are happy to announce the launch of our new product at the show: SLY series Diode Pump Modules suitable for diamond cutting applications: https://www.sintec.sg/LaserParts/459.html

Sintec Optronics and Sill Optics have been close partners for decades and to deepen our collaborations, Sill Optics has recently appointed us as their distributor for India. We look forward to serving more customers and covering more applications with this newly forged partnership in India.