Applications of Laser Marking

Time: Feb 08,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1700

1. Metal Marking: Specializing in stainless, anodized aluminum, titanium and all noble metals and alloys. We can mark any shape or illustration, identification, and a variety of Automatic ID codes including high density 3D matrix codes. We can mark with no depth, shallow depth, or significant depth. We can mark metals with identification that will withstand major chemical or heat cleaning. Applications include surgical tools; tool holders; trays; cabinet faces; panels; hand tools; cutting and drilling expendables such as bits, saw blades, etc.. We can mark gauge marks, dial indicator marks. We would like to discuss your applications.

2. Plastic Marking: We specialize in engraving plastics including PVC, Valox, Acrylic, ABS and a number of popular plastics used in a variety of commercial applications. Some plastics such as opaque acrylics can be marked with slightly raised relief using an Nd:YAG engraver. Engraving for paint filling and similar applications is also available.

3. Other Applications: Scales, catheters, measuring cups, syringes, needles, surgery tools, surgical tool trays, medical device panels, handles, tool holders, radiology films (marking of X-ray negatives), specialty ophthalmic tools, saw blades, drill bits, motorized hand tools, tool and fluid packages, medical diagnostic tools, implants including bone fixtures, tiny screws, etc. If you can see any product when placed under a low-power microscope, we can most likely mark it.

4. Specifications and Tolerances: Marking of alpha-numeric characters as small as .002" high within a 12" working area. For smaller features see our micro machining pages.