The Ongoing Development of Engineering Talent at G&H Ilminster

Time: Jul 05,2020 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1985
Earlier this month, G&H Ilminster coating supervisor Mark Long was awarded his accreditation certificate after completing the Sharing in Growth Lighthouse Team Leader Academy course. The Sharing in Growth (SiG) run course aims to develop highly talented leadership to meet current and future manufacturing needs.

As part of the course students travel to Toyota UK to experience world class manufacturing leadership in action. The Lighthouse Team Leader Academy enables students to understand what makes a successful leader. Specific topics studied include employment law and regulatory frameworks, how to optimise team performance, an appreciation of how operational performance affects financial results, coaching and motivation techniques, and leading teams through continuous improvement or Kaizen processes.

“We are a people business; we understand that our work force is our greatest asset. The achievements of Mark and others are at the front end of a continuum of development. Our commitment to continuous improvement in the area of personal development extends beyond the Lighthouse Team Leader Academy. Mark Long, along with four others, are in the process of completing the Institute of Learning and Management (ILM) Level 3, In addition we have three employees studying for level 4 in Engineering and our Manufacturing Manager Josh Fade is on his way to completing level 5 ILM. This is on top of thirty-three people having achieved a level 2 NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques”, said Barry Luke, Operations Director, G&H Ilminster.