New MOVIA 2-Axis Scan Head Complements Laser Beam-Steering Portfolio

Time: Sep 10,2020 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 2050

Ideal for Marking, Coding and Micromachining Applications

Bedford, Mass. (September 9, 2020) – Cambridge Technology, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the release of MOVIA, a compact, 2-axis scan head. Designed as a flexible, laser-beam delivery platform, MOVIA 10 mm aperture scan heads are compatible with a majority of lasers for processing a wide variety of materials and products.

“Our team is really excited to release MOVIA to the market. This is the first new product which demonstrates our global engineering expertise with a cross-functional team working across sites in the US, Germany, UK and China. MOVIA incorporates a modern industrial design with our latest analog servo technology in a very compact package. It has been engineered to deliver powerful and reliable performance and is an ideal solution for many customer applications.” says Jens Hupkau, VP Engineering, Cambridge Technology.

This next-generation 2-axis scan head offers OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and systems integrators a smaller, lighter weight unit that outperforms its predecessor. Key features include:

• Easy integration into existing systems due to its small size and support of industry standard interface and connectors
• High-quality character marking resulting from improved electronics and tuning design
• Consistent marking quality and application-focused optimizations
• High quality and reliability; tested to perform under extreme conditions

Novanta develops advanced components and sub-systems for digital marking and coding applications through its industry-leading brands, Synrad and Cambridge Technology. The company’s unique product range and engineering expertise from laser source through beam delivery provides OEMs and system integrators with seamless solutions, even for the most complex marking and coding challenges.

MOVIA is compatible with Novanta’s laser marking components including the Cambridge Technology ScanMaster laser controller and software, as well as Synrad CO2 lasers.




Compatible with a majority of lasers for processing a wide variety of materials and products.

Wavelength Options1

CO2: 9.2 - 10.6 µm
Fiber: 1040 - 1090 nm
Green: 532 nm   Check with factory  
UV: 353 - 357 nm   Check with factory  

Mirror Aperture

10 mm

Scan Angle

± 20° 

Step Response2 (µsec)


Typical Marking Speed3 (m/s)


Repeatability (µrad)


Command Resolution


Long Term Drift4

Offset: <100 µrad; Scale: <150 ppm

Thermal Drift

Offset: <20 µrad/°C; Scale: <20 ppm/°C

Modular or Enclosed



All angles are in optical degrees, unless otherwise noted.

1. Supports HeNe laser band.  
2. Settling to within 1% of position.   
3. With 160mm F-Theta lens.  
4. During 24 hours of operation after 30 minutes of warm up, per axis.