ATR Fiber Probe for Harsh and Hazardous Environment

Time: Mar 13,2021 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 3128

We introduce a new product – ATR fiber probe for harsh and hazardous environment (high temp, pressure, pH, vibration, etc.) with 12mm diameter shaft (for industrial application) and 6mm diameter shaft (for lab applications).

These Fiber Optic ATR-Probes can be used for process-spectroscopy either in Near- or Mid-IR range for in-situ and in-line reaction monitoring in a broad temperature range from -150° to +250°C. They resist to vacuum and high pressure up to 200Bar and can be coupled with FTIR or any other IR-spectrometers and spectral sensors for the automated process control.

Main features:

• High throughput in selected ranges of Near- or Mid-InfraRed spectrum
 • ATR-crystal shaped for immersion in liquid flow without dead zone.
 • Robust for industrial and lab applications up to 250°C
 • Resistant to high pressure (up to 200Bar)
 • Resistant to aggressive mixtures
 • Compatible with all spectrometers and automated process-interfaces

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