Christmas and New Year Sales

Time: Jan 05,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1686

Christmas and New Year Sales!!!!!

We are happy to announce that we are having sales for the items at below:

  1. PCA-10 capacitor charging module
  2. PCA-20 capacitor charging module
  3. PCP-17 capacitor charging module
  4. SBZ-2008 simmer supply module
  5. SCA-2008 simmer supply module
  6. SBZ-3008 simmer supply module
  7. SCA-3008 simmer supply module
  8. LDD-250 laser diode driver
  9. LDD-1500 laser diode driver
  10. QBD pockels cell driver
  11. QBD-mini pockels cell driver
  12. QBU pockels cell driver
  13. QBU-mini pockels cell driver
  14. QBU-10kV pockels cell driver
  15. QBU-BT pockels cell driver
  16. TEC thermocontroller
  17. TEC-BT thermocontroller

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