Low GDD Mirrors and Optics for Ultrafast Pulses

Time: Feb 21,2018 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1830


Low GDD Ultrafast mirrors are designed for femtosecond applications to provide an optimized performance at certain wavelength and angle of incidence (AOI). This is achieved by careful selection of coating stacks to combine high reflectivity and low GDD value (from -10 fs2 to 10 fs2 at design bandwidth) at the same time. Such coatings are used for external beam manipulation applications where pulse broadening effect is undesirable. Low GDD Ultrafast mirrors are intended for Ti:Sapphire, Nd:Glass, Er:Glass or Ytterbium doped host based lasers working in femtosecond regime. Variety of catalogue components allows to choose the right mirror for fundamental wavelength as well as for harmonics.

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