[New Product] Lens for Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Applications

Time: Jul 09,2018 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1768

Because of the multi photon absorption caused by internal back reflections and the resulting dielectric breakdown, a ghost free design is most important for the use of ultrashort pulsed lasers. We offer a new special series of F-Theta lenses for applications with ultrashort pulsed lasers. Three different types are optimized for wavelengths of 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm. Of course the lenses are ghost free and only with fused silica elements. The focal length (125 mm) is relatively short, which is a quality characteristic for laser material processing. Short focal lengths mean a small spot sizes at the working surface. Our portfolio of f-theta lens consists of much more fused silica F-Theta lenses for ultrashort pulsed lasers. We also offer custom solutions specially designed to your requirements.

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