Sintec Attended Laser World of Photonics China 2024

Time: Mar 26,2024 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1229

The Laser World of Photonics China 2024 held in Shanghai have came to a perfect ending on 22-March with duration of 3 days. At this exhibition, Sintec Optronics exhibited a lots of high-performance products and various activities were held on site. There were thousands of visitors who came to the booth for consultation and discussions. 

New Products Launched- with Most Advanced Technology

At Hall W2 booth 2111, Sintec Optronics exhibited a variety of innovative products in new industry, such as metalens, LBO crystals, PPKTP crystals, CO2 acousto-optic modulators and their drivers. These new products can widely used in many different fields of laser optoelectronics and provide supports to system integrators. We received a high rating and reviews from professionals on our products. We also have many visitors approach to our booth for discussion and consulting with our staff for product information. 

Flat Metalens Extended Focus Length Demo

Nonlinear Optical Crystals, LBO is suitable for triple frequency conversion on high power laser

Focus Tunable Lens

Digital Micromirror Device

Diffrative Optical Elements

 A complete set of acousto-optical devices such as modulation, frequency shifting, deflection, filtering, and mode locking. CO2 modulator is suitable for 10.6μm CO2 modulation.

Electro-optical devices and power supply

High performance F-theta Lens and Beam Expanders

High Peformance Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

RF excited CO2 Lasers

Inverter, servo motor, PLC and other Inovance Technology

Prioritizing Our Visitors - To answer and provide solution to our visitors with excellent service

At the exhibition site, our staffs explained the products performance to the visitors with enthusiasm, patience, and answered most of customers' questions. Product managers combined professional knowledge to provide customers with product solutions on demand through different aspects such as product differences and technical features. They discussed the latest process technology with customers and create development of the laser optoelectronics industry.

During the exhibition, many merchants on site expressed their willingness for in-depth cooperation. In the future, Sintec Optronics will increase investment in innovative research and development, master core technologies, and at the same time continue to introduce preface technology products, optimize and improve existing products, achieve performance leaps, and provide more distinctive and leading laser devices and integrated products for laser optoelectronics industry.

Looking To The Future - Exploring new trends in the laser optoelectronics industry

Sintec Optronics has witnessed the huge leap forward in  laser optoelectronics industry and firmly believes that the future will be even more brilliant. We will continue to invest in research and development in the field of laser optoelectronics, deeply understand user's needs and requirements, continue to improve and provide better solutions. We will keep providing the high quality and high performance laser device to ensure and improve the development of the laser industry. This exhibition ended as scheduled. Thank you to every guest for your support and attention. 

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