[New Product] Ceramic CO2 Lasers

Time: Feb 14,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1671

The leading reliability issue with metal-tube lasers is that the metal is highly reactive with the gas mixture. Over time, as internal components wear, "scrub" each other’s surfaces, exposed Aluminium oxidizes and changes the composition of the original gas mixture. Ceramic CO2 laser tube technology solves these problems by moving all the reactive components to the outside of the laser tube leaving only pure clean Alumina ceramic in contact with reactive gasses. Alumina does not react with the gas. The ceramic CO2 laser tube is also the optical backbone that holds the resonator optics. The thermal expansion of alumina is 1/3 that of aluminum. Due to this thermal stability, our Ceramic CO2 laser tube has significantly better stability performance when compared with metal-based CO2 lasers. Ceramic CO2 laser tubes allow for high pressure gas mixes and provide for faster rise and fall speed as well as much better power stability.

• 3 times more stable compared to metal-based CO2 lasers
• 50,000 hours lifetime guaranteed compared to 20,000 hours offered by metal-based CO2 lasers
• Replace laser for free if failure before 50,000 hours! (but not for any electronics fault)
• Warranty of 2 years
• No need to recharge gas for 7 years!