Smart,Compact,Cheap & Portable Laser Cutter & Engraver

Time: Mar 04,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1703

The leading reliability issue with metal-tube lasers is that the metal is highly reactive with the gas mixture. Over time, as internal components wear, "scrub" each By utilizing “the fullest possible use of open source” × “Buyer's self-assemble model”, we actualized a low-priced laser cutter and engraver. Loaded with a high-end motor driver and a high-speed micro-computer chip, it enabled us to create a laser cutter and engraver which fulfills various needs. (e.g. personal hobby use, creative activities of designers and creators, use for educational institutes, and prototyping for corporations etc..). The free all-in-one software includes functions such as creating and retrieving the processed data of products - sharing all those data and images of the products among other users. Extension of parts allows users to customize based on their needs. (e.g. Expanding the frame which leads to an extension of processing range, Replacing the laser head to one with can produce higher output).

See our demonstration on youtube: