[New Product]Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) and Long Period Gratings (LPGs)

Time: Apr 14,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1736

A fibre grating is a region of fibre where a periodically varying refractive index grating or pattern is “written” into the core of optical fibre. These “in-fibre” components are spectrally selective, which allow only specific wavelengths to be reflected or rejected, and are thus suitable for performing many tasks such as filtering and reflecting, in a highly efficient, low loss manner.

Our current capability includes fabrication of Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBG) and Long-Period Gratings (LPG). An in-house designed Fibre Grating Fabrication System with sophisticated software for fabrication process control has been setup, allowing various types of fibre gratings to be fabricated including complex grating structures such as Moiré, sampled, chirped and phase shift gratings.

Our FBG system can make gratings, whose wavelength response is mainly in C band and L band; depth can be higher than 30dB; bandwidth is around 0.5-1 nm, depending on the depth of grating. We can also do simple recoating. You can also inquire for customized fiber gratings !