[New Product] 3D/4D Imaging Instrument Systems

Time: Apr 16,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1695

We have recently developed novel optronics instrumentation systems that enable quantitative 4D imaging over a wide range of applications, such as microelectronics, biomedicine and precision engineering. These instruments can make real-time 3D measurements for MEMS and silicon wafers, micro-optics and microfluids. Instrument to measure dynamic whole-field stress analysis for injection-molding and 3D printing.

STDO-HOLO enables quantitative, non-invasive, non-contact 4D characterization of reflective surfaces. Based on the principles of digital holography, STDO-HOLO provides real-time depth measurements with comparable accuracy to that of atomic force microscope at only a significant fraction of the cost and hassle. STDO-NANO provides non-contact, non-invasive 4D measurements for transparent objects. By obtaining quantitative phase information with non-interferometric methods, STDO-NANO enables real-time nanometer-resolution depth measurements with comparable accuracy to that of digital holography and atomic force microscopy. STDO-POLAR provides dynamic whole-field stress analysis and birefringence measurements for transparent objects. By measuring the polarization of light through transparent objects, STDO-POLAR enables robust high-resolution quality-control for 3D-printed or injection-molded components. STDO-BIO is a microsope camera that converts 2D bright-field images into 4D videos. By obtaining quantitative phase information, d'Biomager allows one to capture dynamic quantitative depth information of live cells and tissues. d'Biomager can be used with any existing light microscope with a camera port.

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