[New Product] Optical Fiber Amplifiers to Amplify Picosecond Ultrashort Pulses

Time: May 05,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1721

Our ultrafast all-fiber amplifiers and lasers offer a wide range of pulse lengths in >1 picosecond range, pulse energy as high as 300 uJ and optical peak power in megawatt range. We offer all optical fiber gain modules incorporating patent protected ultra large mode area ytterbium doped tapered double clad fibers (T-DCF), designed for high power ultrafast amplifiers and lasers. T-DCFs contains largest known polarization maintaining (PM) ytterbium doped core (100 μm or more) operated in single mode regime with perfect beam quality (M2 < 1.15). The entire setup with the pump combiners and T-DCF can be housed in an aluminum casing for better protection. Available in SM or PM.

Key Features:

  • Largest in the world mode field area of 5500 um2
  • Strictly single mode operation with M2 <1.15
  • High gain (30-50dB)
  • High pump absorption (20-30 dB at 976nm)
  • Peak Power up to 5 MW
  • Low level of nonlinear effects
  • Mill joule-level extractable energy
  • High threshold of SBS
  • Immunity to mode instability

For more information, please go to the product description.