[New Product]High Energy Ultrafast Sub-ps Pulsed Lasers

Time: May 05,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1655

STZK-Hyper-FS series of high energy ultrafast sub-ps lasers employs advanced SESAM clamping, it is stable and reliable, and requires no external start-up. The internal seed oscillator is fiber optic which results in miniaturized design. Regenerative amplification technology ensures high contrast. Multi-pass amplification technology to ensure good beam quality. The design is highly reliable and maintenance-free. With the use of follow-up light pump amplification technology, can output 1J.


  • Output wavelengths can be selected for infrared and visible light
  • Up to 50W of average power
  • Excellent beam quality, M2 <1.3
  • Fiber femtosecond seed, highly reliable
  • Pulse width of about <800fs