[New Product] Laser Optics: F-theta Lens for Large Aperture

Time: Jul 19,2017 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 1718


With increasing laser intensities, beam size is also increased to minimise damage The larger the incident beam, the smaller the final spot diameter at the focus point can be. We present a new f-theta lens made fully of fused silica dimensioned for large scanner apertures up to Ø30mm with an effective focal length of 420mm at 1064nm. It has no internal ghosts and is diffraction limited.

On a scan area of 180mm x 180mm spot sizes of about 16µm are possible (simulation with Ø30mm scanner aperture, Ø20mm input beam diameter, and 1064nm with M²=1). This new release is the start of a new f-theta lens series specially designed for Ø30mm-scanners. With the new STS-2340/328, we present a 340mm focal length F-Theta lens, which is able to achieve spot sizes down to 16µm on a 61mm x 61mm field at 442mm working distance.

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