V-module Digital Micromirror

Time: Nov 21,2023 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 2507

Our V-modules are fast and flexible with the highest performance class of subsystem for digital light processing (DLP).  It enables a rapid launch into application development with short time-to-market period.  It offers unique flexibility in controlling micro-mirror and provides efficient cooling options that enable up to 160W optical power transfer.  It is well suited for education, proof of concept, 3D measurement, 3D printing, augmented reality, machine vision illumination and OEM DLP subsystem for series production. 

Features of V-module:

  • Feature-rich programming interface

  • Spectral range cover from UVA to NIR

  • High speed FPGA logic and firmware

  • Complete functionality of ALP-4 Controller Suite

Application of V-module in DLP 3D printing:

Technical Specifications:


Specification of V-module

Type A DMD

0.7” XGA



Micromirror array


Micromirror pitch

13.7 µm

RAM capacity on board

64 Gbit/128 Gbit

Switching rate 1bit B/W

22727 Hz

PC transfer rate

> 4000 fps

Note: DLP projector and 3D imaging scanner are also available. Contact us for any inquiries.

Advantage of DLP 3D printing:

  • High accuracy and great surface finish

  • Uniform print speed

  • Faster to print large parts

  • Can use transparent and castable resins

  • DLP parts are isotropic and watertight

  • Useful for odd and organic shapes

Use cases of DLP 3D printing:

  • Custom dental models

  • Medical devices and patient-fit equipment

  • Jewelry investment casts and molds

  • Master copies for vacuum casting

  • Low volume functional prototypes

  • Automotive parts

  • Sculptures, figurines, costumes, and movie set parts

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