[New Product] Microchip Lasers

Time: May 12,2023 Author: Sintec Optronics View: 2346

Microchip Lasers

We provide a wide variety of pulsed lasers, including Er:glass eye-safe lasers, microchip lasers, actively Q-switched lasers, etc. These lasers are available in various wavelengths at 1535nm, 1319nm, 1064nm, 1030nm, 946nm, 660nm, 532nm, 515nm, 473nm, 355nm, 343nm, 266nm, 257nm, 237nm, 213nm.

We have 4 series of Microchip Laser as described below:

  • STXL Series Sub-Nanosecond Microchip Lasers

The STXL series microchip lasers are passively Q-switched diode-pumped sub-nanosecond lasers, featuring narrow pulse width, high peak power high repetition rate and multiple wavelengths. We provide these microchip lasers at 1535nm, 1319nm, 1064nm, 1030nm, 946nm, 660nm, 532nm, 515nm, 473nm, 355nm, 343nm, 266nm, 257nm, 237nm and 213nm output wavelengths, with repetition rates up to 100kHz and pulse width from 300ps to 5ns. These compact and easy-to-integrate diode-pumped solid state lasers support internal and external triggering, are ideally suited for eye-safe ranging, atmospheric monitoring, underwater imaging, optical metrology, bio-medicine, micro-machining etc.

  • STXL Series Er:glass Lasers

1535nm eye-safe laser is ultra-compact diode-pumped microchip laser based on Er:glass. Utilizing laser diode packaging technology, the output energy of this laser is up to 1000uJ, making it possible to detect targets within a radius of 500m-20km, and widely used in compact eye-safe range finder.

  • STXL-H Series 300ps Single Longitudinal Mode Microchip Lasers

STXL-H series single longitudinal mode (SLM) microchip lasers are compact, economical and reliable semiconductor pumped (diode pumped) passive Q-switch (passively Q-switched) solid state lasers with stable output energy, high peak power and excellent beam quality. The monolithic laser cavity is permanently aligned, therefore extremely stable. The system supports internal trigger and external trigger. This series of products produce the single longitudinal mode 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm radiation with a long lifetime. The pulse duration (pulse width) can go down to 300ps (0.3ns). Various models operate with repetition rates up to 50kHz and the average power ranges from 2mW to 100mW. The reliable and robust microchip design is perfect for advanced OEM industrial applications.

  • SLY Series Erbium-Doped Glass Lasers

Our SLY series erbium-doped glass lasers can be used within human eye safety range, easy to control, highly efficient and have a long lifetime. These lasers are available in various wavelengths at 1535 and 1537nm.

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