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Sintec Newsletter No. 2401

Published date:Jan 20, 2024


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Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes

Fiber-coupled Laser Diodes

405nm~1920nm fiber-coupled diodes and modules with 50-400um fiber core, the output power ranges from 5mW to 6kW. The standard package of the lasers can be coaxial, 2-PIN, 4-PIN, 14-PIN and 9-PIN etc.


450nm Blue Lasers

450nm Blue Lasers

Blue laser has superior efficiency. Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption. Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength, blue absorption is maximum 66x better and blue laser enable process speed gains of 2-10x.


What Exactly Is a Metalens?

Metalens is a lens with the ability to focus and capture light signals beyond the diffraction limit. The basic principle is to change the curvature of the lens to achieve the focusing or dispersion of light, via the use of man-made sub-wavelength unit structure in the traditional medium for wavefron

How to Select a Metalens in Laser Marking System

Metalenses are very suitable for laser processing, as they provide a long depth of focus and can easily and accurately mark and process various non planar objects.

RTP crystal EO Cells

Our RTP (Rubidium Titanyl Phosphate) electro‐optic crystals can be used for a wide variety ofapplications in industrial, medical, and range-finding. The crystals are transparent from the visible to near infrared laser wavelengths. They can be used under low half-wave voltage for electro-optic

V-module Digital Micromirror

Our V-modules are fast and flexible with the highest performance class of subsystem for digital light processing (DLP). It enables a rapid launch into application development with short time-to-market period. It offers unique flexibility in controlling micro-mirror and provides efficient

Laser Mask-Making Technology

Laser Mask-Making TechnologySuccessive generations of semiconductors have necessitated increasingly more advanced technologies to produce the desired densities, speeds and other functions. Optical lithography is, however, still the primary lithographic process for the fabrication of micro-electronic

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