Laser Beam Profiler

Laser Beam Profiler

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The passive cooled sensor of the STCam is constructed without cover glass to avoid interference patterns. For sensor protection a low distortion neutral density filter is integrated.

All-In-One Laser Beam Profiler & High Resolution Wavefront Sensor

High Resolution CCD Beam Profiler
 Instant Beam Propagation & Wavefront Analysis
 One Shot M2 Measurement

The BeamWave sensors deliver intensity and wavefront measurements simultaneously in an all-in-one device. Instead of using microlens array for wavefront sampling, these sensors are based on Digital Wavefront Technology ®, hence the number of wavefront measurement points is only limited  by camera resolution providing a high spatial resolution wavefront, These sensors are typically used for either simultaneous laser beam profiling and beam propagation analysis or high resolution wavefront measurement for optical elements characterization.

beam profiler & wavefront analysis, beamwave

With no moving parts or additional accessories, BeamWave® performs all critical laser beam measurements including intensity distribution, wavefront and beam propagation parameters.

High Resolution Beam Profiling

  • Intensity distribution

  • XY Profile

  • Centroid

  • Divergence angle

  • Asymmetry

  • BeamWave is a reliable CCD beam profiler for pulse & CW laser offering high dynamic and resolution for accurate intensity analysis.

Real Time Wavefront Measurement

  • Zernike Analysis

  • Low and high Order Aberrations

  • Astigmatism

  • BeamWave provides high resolution wavefront data, these useful parameters allows laser beam analysis in its all dimensions.

On Click Beam Propagation Analysis

  • One Shot M²

  • Intensity distribution at any selected plane

  • Divergence angle

  • Rayleigh Range

  • Thanks to it capability to measure simultaneously phase and intensity, BeamWave delivers beam propagation analysis, thus providing an instant picture of laser beam behavior along the propagation axis.

  • Beam propagation parameters, relative power density, wavefront, and intensity in any plane are measured with the same device.No mechanical mounts, stepper motors or moving stages. No maintenance cost of moving devices.  No mechanical adjustments during lifetime of the instrument.  No bulky systems for measuring several parameters are needed.

Simultaneous high‐resolution intensity & wavefront

  • Acquisition of intensity is made directly on CCD chip, reconstruction of wavefront is performed by software.

  • No need to acquire a two distinct instruments (beam profiler & wavefront sensor) to obtain same measurement

  • Detailed profile of the beam in an arbitrary plane

One shot M² measurement of both CW and pulsed lasers

  • Calculation of M², divergence, collimation and other beam propagation parameters of both CW and pulsed lasers is made by software.

  • No need of additional instrumentation, saving time and costs

  • Measurement are highly repeatable

  • Measurement of even misaligned lasers are performed

Instant measurement of the entire beam over the broad range around focal region

  • Beam propagation computed by software from simultaneous intensity and wavefront acquisition.

  • Save time for laser beam adjustment

  • Predictive laser beam analysis

BeamWave sensors come with GetLase® GUI software for Instant diagnostic of all laser beam parameters and GetWave ® GUI software with comprehensive wavefront analysis tools including, Zernike, MTF and PSF. GUI software XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible, performs intensity and wavefront acquisition in a remarkably fast and easy way and provides comprehensive tools for beam profiling including intensity distribution and beam propagation parameters.

Acquisition & Display

  • Automatic calibration & acquisition

  • Live display 2D and 3D intensity, wavefront, PSF

  • Single and continuous acquisition


  • Beam intensity parameters: Maximum intensity levels; Ellipticity of the beam spot

  • Beam spot major and minor axis dimensions

  • Beam propagation parameters: M² parameter for the X and Y directions; Waist size in X and Y directions] Distance between camera position and waist planes; Rayleigh range; Divergence angle of the beam; PSF, Strehl ratio; Real‐time Zernike display and analysis; Profiles of wavefront and intensity

Export & Report

  • Wavefront and Zernike data

  • Report Editor

  • HTML Compatible Presentation

BeamWave sensors come with GetLase® GUI software for Instant diagnostic of all laser beam parameters and GetWave ® GUI software with comprehensive wavefront analysis tools including, Zernike, MTF and PSF.

Successfully used for applications such as:

  • Real Time Laser Beam Monitoring

  • Instant Laser Beam Diagnostic

  • Laser Diodes, fiber Lasers, semiconductors Lasers

  • Solid state lasers, lasers Telecom assemblies

  • Optics characterization : microlenses and ophthalmic lenses


  • SIMULTANEOUS INTENSITY AND WAVEFRONT ANALYSIS: High resolution intensity and wavefront provided by Digital Wavefront Technology®

  • HIGH RESOLUTION WAVEFRONT MEASUREMENT: Spatial wavefront mapping only limited by camera resolution, no microlens array sampling

  • ALL IN ONE DEVICE FOR BEAM MONITORING: Beam profiling including intensity distribution and beam propagation parameters in a single device


Part numberSTP-BeamWave-500STP-BeamWave-1000STP-BeamWave-1500STP-BeamWave-FIR
Maximum input beam diameter (1/e²), mm3.24.86.410.88x8.16
Beam Intensity Measurements?CW & Pulsed Lasers in XY for any ZCW & Pulsed Lasers in XY for any ZCW & Pulsed Lasers in XY for any ZCW & Pulsed Lasers in XY for any Z
Wavelength range, nm350 ‐1100350 ‐1100350 –11002000-16000
Measures M²?CW and Pulsed lasersCW and Pulsed lasersCW and Pulsed lasersCW and Pulsed lasers
M²range1 to >501 to >501 to >50
M²repeatability< 2%< 2%<2%
Phase/Wavefront measurements possible?yesyesyes
Wavefront and Intensity XY resolution, um6.456.456.4517
Wavefront Measurement Points500 x 5001392 x 10401392 x 1040640x480
Wavefront Sensitivity (λ), rms0.0050.0050.0050.01
Wavefront Accuracy (λ), rms0.010.010.001
Wavefront Dynamic Range (λ)1 5001 50018001500
Measurement TimeReal‐TimeReal‐TimeReal‐TimeReal‐Time
Computer interfaceUSB 2.02 x USB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0
Weight, kg0.3502.51.1500.272
Dimensions, mm41 x 55 x 8087 x 161 x 84114W x 72  x 17161x67x66

beamwave, wavefront

wavefront, beamwave

beamwave, wavefront, beam profiler

beamwave, wavefront, beam profile

STC Series Laser Beam Profilers

1. VIS/NIR Laser Beam Profiler: STCam CCD

Our CCD is developed to provide excellent sensitivity from the VIS to NIR spectral range. Thanks to its high resolution and its small pixel size, the STCam is a high performance tool for laser beam analysis of continuous wave (CW) and pulsed laser modes. Due to its high dynamic range the STCam captures even higher laser modes with outstanding detail.

The passive cooled sensor of the STCam is constructed without cover glass to avoid interference patterns. For sensor protection a low distortion neutral density filter is integrated. The STCam supports the ultra-fast FireWire IEEE 1394b interface with data transfer rates up to 800 Mbit/s. The plug and play

design facilitates easy and flexible integration and operation.

The portable STCam is designed to be used in a variety of applications in industry, science, research and development, including:

  • Laser beam analysis of CW and pulsed lasers,

  • Quick control of laser modes and adjustment errors,

  • Test equipment for scientific research,

  • Near-Field and Far-Field analyses of lasers, LED devices and other light sources.

The enhancement of product quality, process reliability and efficiency are just a few of the many benefits of our unique beam profiler cameras. The STCam includes the specifically designed analysis software, STRayCi, which supports Windows XP/Vista operating systems. Its sophisticated software architecture opens up new opportunities in laser beam analysis according to ISO standards.

The concept of the STCam enables easy adaption to standard optical imaging systems, attenuators and opto-mechanical components ensuring highest flexibility. This includes:

  • Microscope lens and beam expander,

  • UV-Converter and IR-Converter,

  • Fixed and variable attenuators, etc.


Neutral Density Filter:To expand the power range of the STCam several absorptive and metallic-coated neutral density filters are available, which are specified by optical densities ranging from OD 1.0 to OD 4.0.

FireWire Component:We offer different FireWire PCI / PCI Express cards for installation direct into the PC. Standard FireWire cables are suitable for industrial applications and are available in various lengths.

Trigger Device:To synchronize the STCam with pulsed laser systems, our trigger device is perfectly suited. This frequency and delay generator is software controllable and enables the synchronization of up to four beam profilers with different delay times simultaneously.

Active area6.5x4.8mm9.0x6.7mm8.5x7.1mm
Number of pixel1388x1038 (1.4MPixel)1388x1038 (1.4MPixel)2452x2056 (5MPixel)
Pixel size4.65x4.65μm6.45x6.45μm3.45x3.45μm
Spectral response without cover glass350-1100nm350-1100nm350-1100nm
Laser beam diameter min/max46.5/4mm64.5μm/5mm34.5μm/5.5mm
Sensor coolingpassivepassivepassive
Lens MountC-MountC-MountC-Mount
Bit depth (output)14Bit14Bit14Bit
Dynamic (signal to noise)60dB (1:1000)67dB (1:2200)54dB (1:500)
Frame rateup to 15Hzup to 16Hzup to 9Hz
Exposure time100μs-1s100μs-1s100μs-1s
InterfaceFireWire (IEEE1394b)FireWire (IEEE1394b)FireWire (IEEE1394b)
I / O connector12-Pin Hirose12-Pin Hirose12-Pin Hirose
ModeCW or pulsedCW or pulsedCW or pulsed
Combinable withIR-/UV-Converter Beam expander AttenuatorBeam expander AttenuatorBeam expander Attenuator
Mechanical dimensions (WxHxL)60x60x103.8mm60x60x103.8mm60x60x103.8mm
Electrical requirementsDC 8V-36VDC 8V-36VDC 8V-36V
Storage temperature*-10°C…+60°C-10°C…+60°C-10°C…+60°C
Operating temperature*+5°C…+45°C+5°C…+45°C+5°C…+45°C
RegulationsCE, RoHSCE, RoHSCE, RoHS

* without condensation

Neutral Density Filter

Our neutral density filters allow broadband attenuation for a spectral range from VIS to NIR. Due to their excellent surface quality the absorptive and reflective filters enable precise beam attenuation for low power applications. The level of attenuation is specified by the optical density. Filters with different optical densities can be combined. A filter adapter is available to mount the filters on the STCam aperture.

Reflective ND filterAbsorptive ND filter
NDR-10 / NDR-20 / NDR-30 / NDR-40NDA-10 / NDA-20 / NDA-30 / NDA-40
Optical density*1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.01.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0
Spectral range200nm - 1200nm400nm - 700nm / 700nm - 1200nm
MaterialUV-Fused silica (Coating: Metal)Schott glass
Flatness1λ @ 300nmλ/10 @ 632.8nm
Scratch-Dig40 - 2040 - 20
Optical density tolerance±5%±5%
Power (Pmax)< 1W< 1W
Intensity (Imax)0.75W/cm21W/cm2
Operating temperature< 100°C< 100°C
Filter threadsFilter thread / Filter mountFilter thread / Filter mount
Filter adapterC-Mount thread / Filter threadC-Mount thread / Filter thread

2. Laser Beam Profiling Software STRayCi

Our sophisticated beam profilers are available with the specifically designed analysis software, STRayCi, which supports Windows XP/Vista operating systems. It is available as 32 Bit / 64 Bit version and can control up to eight beam profiler cameras on a single computer.

Due to its clearly designed menu structure, STRayCi shows self-explanatory functions, which help the user to access quickly standard settings. Incomparable visualization modes, extensive analytical capabilities as well as new developed correction algorithms ensure the highest accuracy in laser beam analysis.

A wide range of beam width techniques e.g. 2nd Moment, Knife Edge, Moving Slit, Plateau, Gauss-Fit can be applied to determine quick and reliable standard beam parameters. The unique measurement tool enables the continuous monitoring of beam parameters, beam position and power density distribution. Helpful features like AOI Tracking, AOI Optimization, Zoom Functions, Look-Up Tables, etc.

The extraordinary graphical and analytical tool of STRayCi can be used for live data (LiveMode) and stored data (SaveMode) simultaneously, while each mode has its own inpidual functions. This makes STRayCi the most advanced analysis software on the market.

STRayCi is equipped with flexible data and image output capabilities. This permits the user to store data and images in the format that is compatible with their needs.

A clearly arranged and printable protocol view displays the chosen measurement parameters as well as the most important laser beam analysis results.

STRayCi is compatible with guidelines of the international standard organization for laser beam measurements:

  • ISO 11145: Vocabularies and symbols

  • ISO 11146: Beam width, propagation ratio,…

  • ISO 11670: Beam positional stability,…

  • ISO 13694: Beam power density distribution,…

STRayCi works only with a USB software protection lock. It is a hardware based security solutions to protect and encrypt the software against piracy.


  • Windows XP / Vista

  • Pentium IV / AMD Processor

  • 128 MB graphic card, Open GL V1.4 compatible

  • 100 MB free memory

  • PCI / PCIe slot for FireWire card

  • USB port for dongle connection

  • CD / DVD-ROM drive for software installation

  • Internet access for update request

STRayCi Special Features


  • 2D / 3D intensity plots / Cross sections / Histogram

  • Pointing stability (x-y fluctuation, COG- position analysis, ect.)

  • Parameter stability (intensity, power, center x-y, beam size)

  • Parameter results (beam statistics, beam width, beam parameter)


  • Multiple camera support

  • Different measure types

  • User-selectable exposure time and gain factor, auto-exposure time

  • Floating average and variable brightness


  • Beam statistics (power, max intensity, COG, etc.)

  • Beam width (2nd Moment, Gauss / Super-Gauss-Fits, Plateau, Knife Edge, Moving Slit, ect.)

  • Beam parameter (beam width, ellipticity, uniformity, etc.)


  • Background subtraction, auto-background

  • Pixel correction technology (offset correction, linearity, etc.)

  • Power calibration


  • User-defined Area of Interest (AOI)

  • AOI tracking and optimization

  • Color palettes incl. auto-contrast function

  • Zoom functions

  • 2D profile arithmetic operations, filters, transformations, etc.

  • E-mail support


  • Data: txt, tiff

  • Image: jpeg, png, bmp, gif, tiff

  • Protocol: pdf

STFE Series Beam Profiler

Beam Profilers are devices that allow the whole optical intensity profile measurement of a laser beam. They retrieve not only the beam diameter and position, but also the full shape of the beam.

We provide two types of beam profilers: BeamPro with large sensors to measure collimated beams and BeamPro with small pixels to measure focused beams.

We take advantage of our user-friendly software, and provides thorough analysis and statistics of your laser beam. The BeamPro software uses standard communication protocols. It is therefore easily integrable in most complex environments. Several BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through the network. They are suitable for wavelengths from 190 to 1100 nm and beams as large as 25 mm. There are also high resolution models with pixels as small as 1.67 μm for focused beam measurements.

laser beam profiler

Key features

  • Compact design

  • User-friendly and powerful software

  • High resolution (up to 24 Mpx)

  • Small pixel size (down to 1.67 μm)

  • Large sensor size (up to 25 mm)

  • C-mount

beam profiler

beam profiler

laser beam profiler

  1. The minimum beam diameters are specified for a precision of measurement better than 1%. Smaller beam diameter can be measured but the error will progressively increase.

  2. Depending on the type of calculation, frame rate may vary

  3. Requires the Trigger option


  • Windowless: Removal of the BeamPro sensor window to avoid potential interferences

  • UV extension: Increases the BeamPro wavelength range to the UV region, down to 190 nm

  • Additional ND filters: The default BeamPro configuration includes one ND filter. Additional ones with different specifications can be ordered

  • Custom version on request: BeamPro based on different type of camera (resolution, pixel size, sensor material) can be developed on request

  • High dynamic range: Software mode to increase the dynamic of the BeamPro signal acquisition from 12 to 16 bits. Not compatible with pure single-shot measurement as 2 images are necessary to build one beam profile image

  • Trigger: Synchronization of the BeamPro detection to an external signal for accurate laser single pulse measurement

  • Vacuum compatible: Possibility to place the BeamPro and perform measurements directly inside a UHV vacuum chamber (not available for all models, please contact us for details)

  • Thanks to a highly optimized C ++ and Java architecture, the STAR software is fast, touchscreen-enabled, intuitive and user-friendly.

laser beam profiler

  • Live extraction of beam properties, even with resolutions larger than 20 Mpix

  • Several parameters and methods supported (ISO calculation included)

  • Enhanced background & hot pixels treatment, for optimum dynamic and signal to noise ratio

  • Client / Server interface, allowing remote control through network

  • Advanced logging and permanent access to 10 last acquisitions

  • Live comparison with up to 10 different reference acquisitions

  • click, completely configurable, export assistant

SFC Series Far Field Beam Scanner

Hemispherical 3D Beam Profiling


The far-field measurement instrument is a stand-alone device for measuring light intensity vs output angle of light emitting components such as high-power laser diodes, LEDs, fibers and other high-intensity light sources.


  • Wide wavelength range

  • Goniometric detector design

  • Fast scanning speed

  • High sampling resolution

The SFC series far-field scanner has been designed to fulfill the increasing demands on beam quality analysis and testing of light emitting components. The features of the far-field scanner include wide operating and measuring ranges. This all can be done without sacrificing speed performance – a typical measurement cycle takes only seconds, making it ideal for production testing of light emitting components.


  • Optical power distribution

  • Far-field & NA analysis measurement

  • Quality control of optical sources

Software Features:

  • Easy setting of scan parameters

  • Automatic archiving of results

  • Advanced plotting features: 1D/2D/3D & contour/polar plots

  • Export of data into various fi le formats: CSV, PDF, PNG, PS, XML, etc.

  • Numerical analysis of results

  • Customizable to match customer's needs

  • Integration into automated measurement systems

  • Online submission
  • Send us a message