Fiber Mode Analyzer

Fiber Mode Analyzer

Keywords: Fiber Mode Analyzer, fiber analyser, fiber index, fiber modal content
May 13, 2020 View: 2011 Data Sheet

Fiber mode analyser is used to identify distinct spatial modes quantify relative mode power obtain mode amplitude & phase profiles qualify fibers components splices.

STAR-CMC-1550 Characterisation of Fiber Modal Content 

The STAR-CMC-1550 Characterisation of Modal Content uses the spatially and spectrally resolved imaging (S2) technique to identify the propagation modes of few-mode fibers. It consists of two different unit: a tunable laser and a receiver unit. The STAR-CMC-1550 allows to obtain the Differential Group Delay (DGD) for each propagation mode and the relative intensity, or Multipath Interference (MPI), compared to the most excited mode. Moreover, STAR-CMC-1550 allows to reconstruct the profiles and phases of the guided modes of the fiber under test. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Measure fibers up to 400 µm in diameter

  • Measure hollow and solid core few-mode fibers

  • Reconstruction of propagation mode profiles and phase

  • Calculate the relative intensity of high order modes compared to the most excited mode

  • Calculate the DGD of the propagation modes 

Technical Specification

Measurement capability

  • Fibre diameter: < 400 µm

  • Fiber Length: 5 to 100 m

  • Measurement time** : < 90 sec 

  • Fiber Type: Few-mode solid and hollow core fibres

** analysing 2000 images 


  • Measurement wavelength: 1480 to 1630 nm

  • Wavelength resolution: 10 pm

  • Max DGD: 365 ps

  • DGD resolution: 0.05 ps

  • Image sensor: InGaAs 10.8x12.3 mm, 512x640 pixels, 20 µm pixel pitch

  • Exposure range: 0.1ms to 20ms exposure time

  • A/D conversion: 16 bit 


  • Weight: 7kg (Tunable laser); 8kg (Receiver unit)

  • Size: 0.22m x 0.385m x 0.131m (Tunable laser); 0.306m x 0.606m x 0.145m (Receiver unit)

  • Operating Temp: 15-30 0 C

  • Humidity: 5%-95%. Relative, non-condensing

  • Computer requirements: All systems are supplied with a computer running up-to-date Windows operating system

  • Data interface: 1 X USB 3.0 (USB A to USB B: 1m cable supplied)


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