450nm Blue Lasers

450nm Blue Lasers

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Blue laser has superior efficiency. Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption. Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength, blue absorption is maximum 66x better and blue laser enable process speed gains of 2-10x.

STR Series Fiber-coupled Blue Laser Diodes

fiber-coupled blue diodesFeatures:

  • Optical fiber output

  • High reliability and long life time

  • Free-maintenance operation

  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency

  • Easy control ports

  • High modulation frequency

Main Applications:

  • Welding & cladding of copper

  • 3C & new energy

  • Research

Part Numbers:

fiber-coupled blue diodes

  1. STR-B means blue lasers

  2. Output power in watts

  3. Wavelength. B means 915nm, C means 976nm, D means 940nm, E means 808nm, F means 450nm

  4. Fiber length in meter, 5m or 10m or custom-made

  5. Connection type, A means iHQB connection, B means SMA905 connection, C means D80 connection

  6. Cooling method, W means water cooling, T means TEC cooling, and A means air-cooling

  7. Fiber core diameter in um

Main Technical Specifications:

Optical Parameters

  • Output laser power: 500W

  • Operation mode: CW/modulation

  • Polarization: random

  • Power adjustable range:10~100%

  • Central wavelength: 430-470nm

  • Output power un-stability: <3%

  • Modulation frequency:50~10kHz

  • Red pointer power: 0.25~1mW

Output fiber parameters:

  • Fiber connector: iHQB

  • Fiber core diameter: 400μm

  • Minimum bending diameter:>300mm

  • Beam divergence angle: <0.22mrad

  • Output fiber length:5m (or custom-made)

Electrical parameters:

  • Input electricity: single phase 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz

  • Control: RS-232/AD

Other parameters:

  • Outline size: (W×H×D): 447×238×850mm

  • Weight: <60kg

  • Operation environmental temp.: 10~40℃

  • Operation environmental humility: <70%

  • Storage temp.:-10~60℃

  • Cooling: water

STN Series High Power 450nm Blue Lasers

Our industrial high power blue lasers leverage fundamental physics and their high-brightness, high-power design to produce the fastest, highest quality laser materials processing, including laser welding and additive manufacturing of copper, gold, aluminum and other industrially important metals.

The high power blue laser welds copper faster and better than any alternative solution. This advantage springs from fundamental physics: copper absorbs blue light better than it absorbs infrared radiation or other colors of light. Aluminum, gold and other important industrial metals also absorb more blue than they do other wavelengths of light. That basic fundamental physical advantage leads to performance advantages for welding copper, welding aluminum, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications.

450nm blue laser


  • High quality low to spatter-free welding

  • Dramatically improves process performance and process window

  • Enables welding processes not possible or with low yields with IR


  • 2x to 10x metal processing performance of IR fiber lasers that are industry-standard

  • Blue wavelength offers superior performance over green as well

Advantages of Blue Laser Processing:

IR lasers have always had difficulty welding copper due to low absorptivity (~5%) (need high peak power) and high thermal diffusivity. As a result, IR lasers can only operate in keyhole mode generating and there are following limits:

  • High spatter

  • High porosity and defects

  • Poor mechanical & electrical variability

  • Poor yields

  • High difficulties to weld dissimilar metals (Cu/Al & Cu/SS)

450nm blue laser

Absorption Is Everything

Blue laser has superior efficiency. Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption. Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength, blue absorption is maximum 66x better and blue laser enable process speed gains of 2-10x.

450nm blue lasers

SPATTER-FREE™ Copper Conduction & Keyhole Welding Modes

  • Our blue laser enables conduction welding mode currently not possible with infra-red lasers at thin and mid-size thicknesses and up to 25m/min

  • Our blue laser enables keyhole welding at power starting at 150W

  • Both modes operate SPATTER-FREE™

Technical Specifications:

Band width10nm10nm10nm
Laser power200W650W1500W
Power adjustment0-100%0-100%0-100%
Power stability (8 hours)3% at full power3% at full power3% at full power
Fiber core diameter200um400um125um
Fiber numerical aperture0.220.220.22
Beam production parameter<15<30<11
Standard fiber length5m, QBH connector5m, QBH connector5m, QBH connector
Power input220VAC/50/60Hz, <6A220VAC/50/60Hz, <20A380VAC/50/60Hz, <19A
Dimension (DxWxH)643x443x133mm975x610x600mm643x483x355mm

Typical Applications:

Energy Storage

  • Cu conduction welding

  • Cu and Al foils welding

  • Cu/Al welding

  • Tab welding

Consumer Electronics

  • Cu conduction welding

  • Cu/Al and Cu/SS welding

  • Al welding


  • Welding & braising

  • Cutting

  • Laser metal deposition

  • 3D printing


  • Laser metal deposition

  • 3D printing

  • General welding & cutting


  • Welding

  • Laser metal deposition

  • 3D printing


  • General welding & cutting

  • Laser metal deposition

  • 3D printing

450nm blue lasers 450nm blue laser

450nm blue lasers

STK Series Fiber-coupled Blue Lasers

The STK series fiber-coupled blue lasers are manufactured by adopting specialized fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in high efficiency, stability and superior beam quality. The asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chips are coupled into an output fiber with small core diameter by using special micro optics. Their prices are reasonable and cheaper in the market.

Optical ParameterLaser power(W)0.832050200
Spectral width(nm)<6<6<6<6<8
Temperature drift (nm/K)
Fiber DataCore dia.(um)105105105200200
Fiber Length (m)
ThermistorK Ohmoption101010
Electrical ParameterOperation(A)
Threshold current(A)
Operation voltage(V)4.85.24181220
OthersOperation temp.(oC)15-3515-3515-3515-3515-35
Store temp.(oC)-20-+70-20-+70-20-+70-20-+70-20-+70
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