Erbium Broadband Sources

Erbium Broadband Sources

Keywords: Broadband Communication Sources, Erbium Broadand Sources

A complete line of flattened Broadban and Comb Sources designed for optical-component measurement EDFA-subsystem evaluation and optical link characterization.

Our Erbium Broadband Sources with single or dual band coverage provide excellent stability and flatness over the entire bandwidth. As an invaluable addition to Test and Measurement workstations requiring a noise source or spectrally spliced output to provide ITU locked channels, these units can be easily integrated into new or existing system. 1RU models have the option to control the unit using RS232, or the GUI. A complete line of flattened Broadband and Comb Sources designed for optical-component measurement, EDFA-subsystem evaluation and optical link characterization.

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  • Provides broadband light several thousand times brighter than a typical EELED
  • Unique and extra-ordinary source for different applications
  • Output light is unpolarized
  • Wide spectral range with excellent flatness
  • Excellent stability of 5 mdB/hour
  • Packaged in instrument or modular format


  • Wide dynamic-range optical component testing
  • Accurate EDFA gain spectrum measurement
  • Telecom systems compliance tests
  • Optical link characterization
  • Optical-code division multiple access and local networking by spectral slicing
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Sensors & gyroscopes

1. DWDM Comb Sources

A series of high-power spectrally-sliced Erbium Broadband Sources providing up to 100 channels (50 GHz) locked to the ITU grid at 22 dBm output power. This source can dramatically reduce equipment cost and setup time in DWDM system test, replacing costly banks of DFB lasers.

  • Features the same power-spectral density as a full set of DFB lasers
  • Extremely stable
  • 50 GHz and 100 GHz spacing available
  • Channels locked to ITU grid
  • High peak-to-valley extinction ratio

broadband source

Add / Drop Option

Combining the Add/Drop box with our ASE Comb Source allows for an even broader range of applications. The Add/Drop box filters out one or more fixed channels depending on the customer’s request.

  • Allows the replacement of these missing channels with real data carrying channels
  • Modulated channels can be used for Bit-Error Rate testing
  • Easy monitoring of Four-Wave Mixing


  • Simultaneously measure optical amplifier gain flatness and noise figure under conditions of full channel loading (high peak-to-valley extinction ratio extends NF measurement capability to high-power booster amplifiers)
  • Measure the full band OSNR and channel power evolution over links consisting of multiple spans and optical amplifiers without the need for costly banks of DFB lasers
  • Measure magnitude of inter-channel Raman pumping along a span for fully-loaded band case
  • Test DWDM demux components


Our Comb Sources can be designed to meet customer-specific requests. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Part number STM-4522 STM-9022 STM-9622 STM-9822
Output Power, Typical 22 22 22 22 dBm
Spacing Between Channels 100 50 50 50
Number of Channels 45 91 96 99
Wavelength Range 1529.55 - 1565.09 1529.55 - 1565.5 1529.16 - 1567.13 1570.01- 1611.35 nm
Extinction Ratio, Minimum 47 45 44 44 dB
Optical Connector FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC

2. Brodband Sources

High power flat and stable Broadband Sources for Automated Test and Measurement work stations or stand-alone lab test equipment.

broadband source

Part number STM-4022 STM-4026 STM-4226 STM-7514 C+L Band
Output Power 22 26 26 14 dBm
Minimum Wavelength Range 1529-1565 1529-1565 1526-1568 1526-1600 nm
Ripple ≤1.5(0.8 typ) ≤1.5(0.8 typ) ≤1.5(0.8 typ) ≤ 2.5 dB
Spectral Width at 3 dB ≥ 40 ≥ 40 ≥ 44 ≥ 75 nm
Stability after 60 min ≤ 20 ≤ 20 ≤ 20 ≤ 20 mdB/hr
Also available in L Band

3. Gain Module Broadband Sources

Compact and lightweight in half- (STM-EBS-µ) and full-MSA (STM-EBS-xs) packages, these Broadband Sources can provide up to 21 dBm output power over 35 nm bandwidth with a maximum power consumption of < 5 watts. A graphical user interface provides access to the unit. Communication is via RS232/485.

broadband source

STM-EBS-µ Series STM-EBS-xs Series
Maximum Output Power 19 21 dBm
Minimum Spectral Width 1529-1564 1529 - 1564 nm
Ripple ≤± 2.5 ≤± 1.5 dB
Stability after 60 min warm up ≤± 50 ≤± 50 mdB/hr
Optical output isolation ≥ 40 ≥ 40 dB
Power Consumption < 2.9 < 4.9 W
Dimensions 45 x 70 x 12 90 x 70 x 15 mm
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