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Sintec Newsletter No. 2405

Published date:May 18, 2024

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DOE & Micro-nano Optical Elements

DOE & Micro-nano Optical Elements

We provide a wide variety of Micro-nano Optical Elements in both SGD and SLB Series. SGD series of products mainly consisting of microlenses, phase plates and Diffractive Optical Element (DOE). At present, we also provided DOE Beam shapers and Refractive Optical Modules in SLB series. The research on micro-nano optical devices and their array modulation optical behavior can realize new functions such as miniaturization, array, integration and wavefront conversion and form a variety of new syste


Microchip Lasers

Microchip Lasers

We provide a wide variety of pulsed lasers, including Er:glass eye-safe lasers, microchip lasers, actively Q-switched lasers, etc.


Laser Cleaning Application

What is Laser Cleaning?Laser cleaning is the process of removing materials from surfaces using a laser beam.When the laser beam contacts a surface, light is absorbed by the surface. When the ablation threshold is hit, molecular bonds in the surface are broken and ejected from the substrate (“vapori

Review of Laser Processing Technology

Laser technology, laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning, industrial applications, technological advancements.

Introduction to LBO Crystals

LBO, SHG, THG, frequency doubling, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm, nonlinea optical crystal, laser crystal

Sintec Attended Laser World of Photonics China 2024

The Laser Photonics China 2024 in Shanghai havecame to a perfect ending on 22-March with duration of 3 days. At this exhibition, Sintec Optronics exhibited a lots of high-performance products and various activities were held on site. There is thousands of visitors came to the booth for consult

Principles and Applications of Micro-Nano Optics

micro-nano optics, metalens, flat lens, depth of focus, DOF, field of view, lens, optical lens, focusing lens, imaging lens, imaging optics

We are  promoting servo motors & drivers, PLCs and motion controllers. Our flexible production techniques and expert understanding of all industry sectors – from plastics to printing to packaging to iron & steel production – have allowed us to establish globally leading industry-specific business units. Over the years, we have built an engineering team with specialist expertise in industrial automation. For more information, please send us an email now. 

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