3D ps Laser Micro Marker

3D ps Laser Micro Marker

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3D pico-second laser micro processing system consists of a pico-second laser dynamic focusing system 2D scanning system external vacuum system and precision control.

3D pico-second laser micro processing system consists of a pico-second laser, dynamic focusing system, 2D scanning system, external vacuum system and precision control. The system has the features on high peak power and high speed scanning, which result in high speed dynamic-focusing marking, engraving and micro cutting. The vacuum system makes the processing cleaner. The system is suitable for clean and precision marking and cutting.


  • MW peak laser power
  • 7days/24hours efficient operation
  • ±32mm large field dynamic focusing
  • As high position speed as 10.0m/s
  • RTC5stabel control

Main Technical Parameters

Average power >10W (other power levels available upon request)
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width <10ps
Pulse repetition rate 100kHz-1000kHz
Laser beam pointing <50μrad
Beam diameter ≤2mm
Beam divergence angle ≤3mrad
Pulse stability ≤2%rms
Long-time operation stability ≤3%
Operation temperature 18-35℃
Cooling Water
Polorisation Horizontal, >100:1
Dynamic Focusing System
Marking field 110x110 mm2
Z-axis adjustable range ±32mm
Focused spot diameter <35 μm
Scanning Systems
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Allowed max. laser power 150W @1064nm
Typical scanning field 110x110mm
Typical focused beam diameter 32μm
Marking speed 2.0m/s
Position speed 10.0m/s
Power supply ±15V DC, max 2A
Dimension 114x96.5x94 mm
Weight 1.9 kg

Remark: the customer can choose any pico-second lasers or femto-second lasers from our lists. We also can design the systems according to your specific requirements on the lasers, scan heads etc. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Precision laser marking
  • Processing of glass, sapphire, LCD display and fragile materials
  • Processing of heart stent
  • Semiconductor and photovoltaic industry
  • 3D fabrication and engraving
  • Flexible PCB boards’ marking

Upon request, we can use different lasers with different laser wavelength such as 532/355nm, different pulse width from ns to fs, different laser power from 4W to 100W.

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