Laser Glass Cutting Machine

Laser Glass Cutting Machine

Keywords: glass cutting, laser glass cutting machine, frigile material cutting, ps laser cutting, uv laser cutting, green laser cutting
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glass cutting, laser glass cutting machine, frigile material cutting, ps laser cutting, uv laser cutting, green laser cutting

Laser Glass Processing Solution

P/N: SHR-LGPS-1064-60-10

Three axis laser glass cutting machine, using perfect score tecnology (PST) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) core technology to ensure high-speed cutting of shaped glass with chipping less than 10um.  It has high database integration, accurate and fast to find out the best process parameters.  Besides, it has PLC interactive system and easy to adapt to the integration of automated production lines. 


  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency

  • Stable and reliable equipment

  • High speed cutting of shaped glass

  • Rapid integration of automated production lines

Laser subsystem in glass cutting:

Example of laser cutting system:

Product parameters:

Laser   power


Laser   wavelength


Repetition   rate


Drawing   file

Support   software direct editing drawing, support CAD drawing file importing

Pulse   width


Maximum   thickness of cutting


Spacing accuracy


Machining resolution


Amount of chipping


Cutting speed


Processing width


Processing acceleration


Machining precision


Vision module


Platform type

Marble table

Axis control

4 control port

Control interface


Cable length


Cooling method

Water cool


AC220V/AC110V, 50Hz/60Hz

Storage temperature

10°C ~ 35°C

Operating temperature

20°C ~ 30°C



Environment dust

<0.20 mg/m3

Oil mist

Not allow



* The parameters can be customized upon request.  Please contact us for more information.

Type of laser beam position:


PLC automatic programming

  • Programmable to interface with upstream and downstream stations on automated production lines

Graphic Editing features

  • Compatible with all types of editorial documents

  • Automatic optimization of machining paths

  • Customizable editing paths

Four axis control

  • Output four-axis control signals for rotary cutting 

Layered processing function:

Automatic completion of 6 layer cutting

  • Fulfil 0.03-36mm glass cutting

  • Actual processing data is affected by the cutting head model

Control interface 4 in 1

  • Laser control software       

  • Platform control software

  • Cutting software

  • Vision software

Sample display:

For more information on glass cutting processes, please refer to the video here.

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