Red Diode Lasers

Red Diode Lasers

Keywords: diode laser, red diode, dot diode, 650nm, 635nm

These diode lasers are small power levels and used in laser pointing applications. The wavelength is in visible range typically in 635nm 650nm.

Cross-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Linearity < 1/5000
Perpendicularity ≤±1.5’
Beam pergence 90°- 100°, maximum 120°
Optical ens
MTTF >30,000 hours
Voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V, 6V
Operation temperature -10°C —50°C
Store temperature -40°C —85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Line height at1m away Laser power
ST-SS650-5G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 2.0mw
ST-SS650-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS650-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS650-10G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 4.0mw
ST-SS650-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS650-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS650-20G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 8.0mw
ST-SS650-20G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 12mw
ST-SS650-20G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 12mw
ST-SS650-30G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 18mw
ST-SS650-30G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 18mw
ST-SS650-50G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 30mw
ST-SS650-50G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 30mw
ST-SS635-5G1 Ф12×40mm 635nm 1.0mm 2.0mw
ST-SS635-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS635-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS635-10G1 Ф12×40mm 635nm 1.0mm 4.0mw
ST-SS635-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS635-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 0.5mm 6.0mw

Linear-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Linearity < 1/8000
Beam line height
Divergence 10°- 120°
Optical lens Glass lens G3, plastic lens G1
MTTF >30,000 hours
Dimension Ø12x40mm, Ø16x60mm, Ø22x85mm or Ø26x80mm
Operation voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V or 6V
Operation temperature -10-50°C
Store temperature -40-85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Line height at 3m away Laser power
ST-SL650-5G1(A) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-10G1(A) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.5mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL650-10G1(B) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.0mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL650-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-10G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-20G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤10mw
ST-SL650-20G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤12mw
ST-SL650-20G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤12mw
ST-SL650-20G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤10mw
ST-SL650-30G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤15mw
ST-SL650-30G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤18mw
ST-SL650-30G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤18mw
ST-SL650-30G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤15mw
ST-SL650-50G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤30mw
ST-SL650-50G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤32mw
ST-SL650-50G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤32mw
ST-SL650-50G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤30mw
ST-SL635-5G1(A) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL635-5G1(B) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.0mm ≤4.5mw
ST-SL635-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL635-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL635-5G3(C) Ф26×110mm 635nm 1.5mm ≤3.0Mw
ST-SL635-10G1(A) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.5mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL635-10G1(B) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.0mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL635-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL635-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL635-10G3(C) Ф26×110mm 635nm 1.5mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL780-5G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL780-5G3 Ф16×60mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL780-20G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤10mw
ST-SL780-20G3 Ф16×60mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤12mw
ST-SL780-30G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤20mw
ST-SL780-30G3 Ф16×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤24mw
-ST-SL780-100G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤65mw
ST-SL780-100G3 Ф16×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤75mw

Dot-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Laser power 0~75mw
Beam diameter ≤1mm
Divergence 0.2-1.5mard (focus or beam pergence is adjustable since the focal length is movable)
Optical lens Glass lenses G2 & G3, plastic lens G1
MTTF >30,000 hours
Dimension Ø10x35mm, Ø12x40mm, Ø16x60mm or Ø26x80mm
Operation voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V or 6V
Temperature -10-50°C
Store temperature -40-85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Divergence Laser power
ST-SD650-5G1 f10×35mm 650nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD650-5G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD650-5G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤3.5mw
ST-SD650-10G1 f10×35mm 650nm 0.5mard ≤8.5mw
ST-SD650-10G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤6.0mw
ST-SD650-10G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤7.5mw
ST-SD650-20G2 f10×35mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD650-20G f12×45mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤16mw
ST-SD650-30G2 f16×60mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD650-30G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD650-50G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤30mw
ST-SD650-50G3 Ф26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤35mw
ST-SD650-100G3 Ф26×60mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤75mw
ST-SD635-5G1 Ф10×35mm 635nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD635-5G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD635-5G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD635-10G1 Ф10×35mm 635nm 0.5mard ≤8.5mw
ST-SD635-10G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤6.0mw
ST-SD635-10G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤8.0mw
ST-SD635-20G2 Ф16×60mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD635-20G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.3mard ≤15mw
ST-SD635-30G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD635-30G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD780-5G1 Ф10×35mm 780nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD780-5G2 Ф12×45mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD780-5G3 Ф26×80mm 780nm 0.3mard ≤3.5mw
ST-SD780-20G2 Ф10×35mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD780-20G3 Ф12×45mm 780nm 0.2mard ≤16mw
ST-SD780-30G2 Ф16×60mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD780-30G3 Ф26×80mm 780nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD780-100G3 Ф26×60mm 780nm 0.3mard ≤75mw
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