Red Diode Lasers

Red Diode Lasers

Keywords: diode laser, red diode, dot diode, 650nm, 635nm
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These diode lasers are small power levels and used in laser pointing applications. The wavelength is in visible range typically in 635nm 650nm.

Cross-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Linearity < 1/5000
Perpendicularity ≤±1.5’
Beam pergence 90°- 100°, maximum 120°
Optical ens
MTTF >30,000 hours
Voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V, 6V
Operation temperature -10°C —50°C
Store temperature -40°C —85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Line height at1m away Laser power
ST-SS650-5G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 2.0mw
ST-SS650-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS650-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS650-10G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 4.0mw
ST-SS650-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS650-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS650-20G1 Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.0mm 8.0mw
ST-SS650-20G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 12mw
ST-SS650-20G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 12mw
ST-SS650-30G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 18mw
ST-SS650-30G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 18mw
ST-SS650-50G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 0.5mm 30mw
ST-SS650-50G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 0.5mm 30mw
ST-SS635-5G1 Ф12×40mm 635nm 1.0mm 2.0mw
ST-SS635-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS635-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 0.5mm 3.0mw
ST-SS635-10G1 Ф12×40mm 635nm 1.0mm 4.0mw
ST-SS635-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 0.5mm 6.0mw
ST-SS635-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 0.5mm 6.0mw

Linear-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Linearity < 1/8000
Beam line height
Divergence 10°- 120°
Optical lens Glass lens G3, plastic lens G1
MTTF >30,000 hours
Dimension Ø12x40mm, Ø16x60mm, Ø22x85mm or Ø26x80mm
Operation voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V or 6V
Operation temperature -10-50°C
Store temperature -40-85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Line height at 3m away Laser power
ST-SL650-5G1(A) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-5G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL650-10G1(A) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.5mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL650-10G1(B) Ф12×40mm 650nm 2.0mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL650-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-10G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL650-20G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤10mw
ST-SL650-20G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤12mw
ST-SL650-20G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤12mw
ST-SL650-20G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤10mw
ST-SL650-30G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤15mw
ST-SL650-30G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤18mw
ST-SL650-30G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤18mw
ST-SL650-30G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤15mw
ST-SL650-50G3(A) Ф16×40mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤30mw
ST-SL650-50G3(B) Ф22×85mm 650nm 1.0mm ≤32mw
ST-SL650-50G3(C) Ф26×110mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤32mw
ST-SL650-50G3(D) Ф12×40mm 650nm 1.5mm ≤30mw
ST-SL635-5G1(A) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL635-5G1(B) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.0mm ≤4.5mw
ST-SL635-5G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL635-5G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL635-5G3(C) Ф26×110mm 635nm 1.5mm ≤3.0Mw
ST-SL635-10G1(A) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.5mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL635-10G1(B) Ф12×40mm 635nm 2.0mm ≤8.5mw
ST-SL635-10G3(A) Ф16×40mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL635-10G3(B) Ф22×85mm 635nm 1.0mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL635-10G3(C) Ф26×110mm 635nm 1.5mm ≤8.0mw
ST-SL780-5G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 2.5mm ≤4.0mw
ST-SL780-5G3 Ф16×60mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤3.0mw
ST-SL780-20G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤10mw
ST-SL780-20G3 Ф16×60mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤12mw
ST-SL780-30G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤20mw
ST-SL780-30G3 Ф16×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤24mw
-ST-SL780-100G1 Ф12×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤65mw
ST-SL780-100G3 Ф16×40mm 780nm 1.5mm ≤75mw

Dot-shape Red Diode Laser

Wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm
Laser power 0~75mw
Beam diameter ≤1mm
Divergence 0.2-1.5mard (focus or beam pergence is adjustable since the focal length is movable)
Optical lens Glass lenses G2 & G3, plastic lens G1
MTTF >30,000 hours
Dimension Ø10x35mm, Ø12x40mm, Ø16x60mm or Ø26x80mm
Operation voltage 3V, 4.5V, 5V or 6V
Temperature -10-50°C
Store temperature -40-85°C
Model Dimension Wavelength Divergence Laser power
ST-SD650-5G1 f10×35mm 650nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD650-5G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD650-5G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤3.5mw
ST-SD650-10G1 f10×35mm 650nm 0.5mard ≤8.5mw
ST-SD650-10G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤6.0mw
ST-SD650-10G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤7.5mw
ST-SD650-20G2 f10×35mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD650-20G f12×45mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤16mw
ST-SD650-30G2 f16×60mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD650-30G3 f26×80mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD650-50G2 f12×45mm 650nm 0.4mard ≤30mw
ST-SD650-50G3 Ф26×80mm 650nm 0.3mard ≤35mw
ST-SD650-100G3 Ф26×60mm 650nm 0.2mard ≤75mw
ST-SD635-5G1 Ф10×35mm 635nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD635-5G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD635-5G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD635-10G1 Ф10×35mm 635nm 0.5mard ≤8.5mw
ST-SD635-10G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤6.0mw
ST-SD635-10G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤8.0mw
ST-SD635-20G2 Ф16×60mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD635-20G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.3mard ≤15mw
ST-SD635-30G2 Ф12×45mm 635nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD635-30G3 Ф26×80mm 635nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD780-5G1 Ф10×35mm 780nm 0.5mard ≤4.0mw
ST-SD780-5G2 Ф12×45mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤3.0mw
ST-SD780-5G3 Ф26×80mm 780nm 0.3mard ≤3.5mw
ST-SD780-20G2 Ф10×35mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤12mw
ST-SD780-20G3 Ф12×45mm 780nm 0.2mard ≤16mw
ST-SD780-30G2 Ф16×60mm 780nm 0.4mard ≤18mw
ST-SD780-30G3 Ф26×80mm 780nm 0.2mard ≤24mw
ST-SD780-100G3 Ф26×60mm 780nm 0.3mard ≤75mw
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