41/68/80MHz Q-switches

41/68/80MHz Q-switches

Keywords: Air-Cooled Q-switches, AOQ, conduction
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A compact conduction-cooled acousto-optic Q-Switch for use in DPSS Nd:YAG & Nd:YVO4 lasers.The RF frequencies are 41MHz, 68MHz and 80MHz. Custom-design available upon request.

1. 41MHz Acousto-optic Q-switches

A compact, conduction-cooled, acousto-optic Q-Switch for use in DPSS Nd:YAG & Nd:YVO4 lasers. Utilising the same manufacturing technology as our industry standard, high power QS24/27 series, these compact devices offer unrivalled reliability through superior optical quality and coatings.

Optimised for use with linearly polarised beams of up to 1.6mm diameter, offering loss modulation figures exceeding 85%. Utilising Crystal Quartz as the interaction material to give increased efficiency and high thermal transfer properties allowing use at RF powers of up to 15W, conduction-cooled.

This Q-Switch can also be customised to feature alternative frequencies, active apertures and housing designs, our team of scientists will be pleased to discuss variations with you.

  • DPSS Nd:YAG / Nd:YVO4, linearly polarized

  • Compact conduction cooled, crystal quartz

  • 2mm active aperture

Model NumberQS041-10G-SO3QS041-10G-IN2
Interaction MaterialCrystal Quartz
Wavelength1047 to 1064nm
PolarisationLinear, vertical to baseLinear, vertical to base
Anti-Reflection Coating< 0.2% per surface
Damage Threshold> 1GWcm2
Transmission (single pass)> 99.6%
VSWR< 1.2:1 (50Ω input impedance)
Active Aperture1.6mm1.8mm
Acoustic ModeCompressional
Rise-Time / Fall-Time109ns/mm113ns/mm
Loss Modulation> 85%> 85%
Beam Separation7.3mrad
Acceptance Angle (full)6.1mrad
RF Power Rating20W CW
CoolingConduction through base
Q-switch driverR39041-20DMFPS-SC
Model NoI-QS041-1.8C10G-4-GH21I-QS041-1.6C10G-4-SO6
DeviceAO Q-SwitchAO Q-Switch
Interaction materialCrystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Wavelength1047 to 1064nm1064nm
Damage threshold> 1GW/cm2> 1GW/cm2
AR coating reflectivity< 0·2% per surface< 0·2% per surface
Transmission> 99·6%> 99·6%
Optical polarisationLinear, vertical to baseLinear, vertical to base
Active aperture1.8mm1.6mm
Acoustic modeCompressionalCompressional
Rise-time (10-90%)113ns/mm113ns/mm
Loss Modulation≥ 85%≥ 85%
RF Power20W (Max)20W (Max)
Interaction MaterialCrystal Quartz
Damage Threshold>10MWcm2
Transmission (single pass)>99%
VSWR<1.2:1 (50Ω input impedance)
Active Aperture1.5mm
Acoustic ModeLongitudinal
Rise-Time / Fall-Time115ns/mm
Loss Modulation>90% with linear polarization; >80% with random polarisation
Beam Angle7.5mrad
RF Power Rating20W, CW
CoolingConduction through base
RF DriverR39080-20DMzzz-SC

2.68MHz Acousto-optic Q-switches

DeviceAO Q-Switch
Model NoQS068-4J-xxx
Interaction materialFused Silica
Damage threshold>500MW/cm2
AR coating reflectivity< 0.2% per surface
Transmission> 99.6%
Optical polarisationRandom
Active aperture1.0mm
Acoustic modeShear
Modulation Bandwidth (3dB)4.2MHz
Separation Angle28mrad
Diffraction Efficiency>10% @ 6W
Maximum recommended RF Power10W
CoolingConduction cooled through base
Q-switch driverN39068-10DSA05

3. 80MHz Aousto-optic Q-switches

We present probably the smallest, conduction-cooled, acousto-optic Q-Switch currently in production anywhere in the world. Specifically designed for use in miniature, short-pulse, low power, DPSS lasers, the tiny size of this device facilitates Q-Switching of the shortest cavities.

Utilising a highly efficient crystalline interaction material, greater than 85% loss modulation can be achieved without the need for active cooling - just bolt the Q-Switch to the laser rail and switch on!

Operating at 80MHz carrier frequency, the diffracted beams are sufficiently separated for most short cavities and pulse repetition rates of 100kHz or more are possible. - DPSS systems, polarisation insensitive - Miniature size, conduction-cooled - 1.0mm active aperture

Interaction MaterialTellurium DioxideCrystal Quartz
Wavelength1047 to 1064nm1064nm
PolarizationInsensitiveRandom or linearly polarised
Anti-Reflection Coating<0.2% per surface< 0·2% per surface
Damage Threshold>10MWcm2> 1GW/cm2
Transmission (single pass)>99.5%> 99·6%
VSWR<1.2:1 (50Ω input impedance)<1.2:1 (50Ω input impedance)
Active Aperture1.0mm1.5mm
Acoustic ModeCompressionalCompressional
Rise-Time / Fall-Time153ns/mm113ns/mm
Loss Modulation>85% at 3W (typical)>85% (polarised)

>70% (unpolarised)

Beam Angle20mrad14.9mrad
RF Power Rating3W, CW20W
CoolingConduction through baseConduction through base
RF DriverR39080-3DMzzz-SC
Interaction MaterialCrystal Quartz
Acoustic Velocity5.74mm/µs
Active Aperture*1 mm1 mm1.5 mm2.0 mm
Center Frequency80MHz
VSWR<1.2:1 (50Ω input impedance)
Insertion LossMax 1%
ReflectivityMax 0.1% per surface
AR CoatingMIL-C-48497
Damage Threshold500MW/cm2
PolarizationLinear, vertical to the base
RF Power rating12W3.5W20W25W
Beam Separation14.8 mrad
Rise / Fall time50nsec
Loss Modulation85%50%85%85%

Ultra Compact Conduction Cooled 80MHz Q-Switches

I-QS080 is an ultra-compact conduction-cooled Acousto-Optic Q-Switch, ideally suited to short cavity end pumped Nd:YAG & Nd:YVO4 lasers. Utilising top grade Crystal Quartz for increased efficiency & thermal stability, with high quality optical finishing & high damage threshold antireflection coatings to provide high damage threshold & low insertion loss. In addition to the specifications indicated, we also offer alternative wavelengths, RF frequencies, active apertures & an extensive range of mechanical housing configurations. We also offer full custom design & manufacturing, enabling ourcustomers to achieve the perfect solution. Our scientists and engineers are available to assist in selecting the most appropriate model of Q-Switch and also RF driver for your application.

General Specification:

Interaction material:Crystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Wavelength:1064nm1030 to 1064nm
Damage threshold:> 1GW/cm2> 1GW/cm2
AR coating reflectivity:< 0·2% per surface< 0·2% per surface
Transmission:> 99·6%> 99·6%
Frequency: 80MHz80MHz
Optical polarisation:Linear, vertical to baseLinear, vertical to base
Active aperture:0.5mm1.0mm
Acoustic mode:CompressionalCompressional
Separation angle:14.9mrad14.9mrad
Rise-time (10-90%):113ns/mm113ns/mm
Loss modulation:>= 85%>= 85%
RF power:10W (max)10W (max)
Storage temperature:-20 to +70degC-20 to +70degC
Interactive MaterialCrystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Operating Wavelength1030-1064nm1030-1064nm
Damage threshold>1GW/cm2>1GW/cm2
AR coating reflectivity<0.3% per surface<0.3% per surface
Acoustic Frequency80MHz80MHz
VSWR<1.2:1 at 0dBm<1.2:1 at 0dBm
Optical polarizationLinear (vertical to base)Linear (vertical to base)
Active aperture2mm2.5mm
Acoustic modeCompressionalCompressional
Separation angle14.9mrad14.9mrad
Rise-time (10-90%)113ns/mm113ns/mm
Diffraction efficiency>85% at 15W RF>80% at 15W RF
Max RF power15W15W
Model97-03388-03R1 (5080-296)97-03388-02R2 (5041-296)
Interactive MaterialCrystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Operating Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Damage threshold>500MW/cm2>500MW/cm2
AR coating reflectivity<0.2% per surface<0.2% per surface
Acoustic Frequency80MHz40.48MHz
VSWR<1.2:1<1.2:1, 50Ohm
Optical polarizationRandom or linear (vertical to base)Random or linear (vertical to base)
Active aperture1.5mm1.5mm
Acoustic modeCompressionalCompressional
Separation angle14.8mrad7.6mrad
Rise-time (10-90%)113ns/mm113ns/mm
Diffraction efficiency>85% (vertical/linear polarization))
       >70% (Random/linear polarization)
>85% (vertical/linear polarization))
       >70% (Random/linear polarization)
Max RF power20W20W

There are too many types of Q-switches with various laser wavelengths, RF frequencies and active apertures and please feel free to contact us via email once you have a special application or requirements.

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