PPKTP for Frequency Conversion

PPKTP for Frequency Conversion

Aug 17, 2021 View: 8554 Data Sheet

PPKTP (Periodically Poled KTP) is a popular nonlinear material. It is used for SHG, DFG, SFG and OPO applications.

SRC Series PPKTP (Periodically Poled KTP)

PPKTP (Periodically Poled KTP) is a popular nonlinear material.

PPKTP material is widely recognized for these features:

  • Supports all nonlinear applications within KTP transparency range
  • It doesn’t have the phase matching limitations of bulk KTP
  • 3* larger effective nonlinear coefficient compared to bulk KTP


  • Highest nonlinear coefficient
  • Free of walk-off
  • Large quantities for OEM mass-production as well as small quantities for R&D
  • Broad phase-matching range
  • Type 0 or type II interaction

We provide the following products:

1) Single PPKTP element

2) PPKTP for SHG: Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) is a nonlinear optical process whereby the pumping wavelength generates a new wavelength that is half of the input wavelength or double frequency.

3) PPKTP DFG: Difference Frequency Generation (DFG), generation of light with a frequency that is the difference between two other frequencies.

4) PPKTP SFG: Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) is a non-linear optical process. This phenomenon is based on the annihilation of two input photons at angular frequencies ɯ1 and ɯ2 while, simultaneously, one photon at frequency ɯ3 is generated.

5) PPKTP OPO: we provide the following types of PPKTP OPO:

  • Standard DBAR coated for pump/signal wavelengths
  • Monolithic single pass and double pass
  • Confocal monolithic with convex/concave faces

Typical Specifications:

Transparency Range 350-4000nm
Length Up to 30mm
Standard Aperture* 1*2
Operation Temperature Near room temperature / per request
Coating Options Extra/intra cavity, AR/AR, AR/HR
Damage Threshold 600MW/cm² at 1064nm, for 10ns pulses

*Custom apertures are available upon request

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