QCW Fiber Lasers

QCW Fiber Lasers

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The Quasi-Continuous Fiber Laser Series ranges from 75W to 600W, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost.

1940nm QCW Fiber Lasers

Small, air-cooled form factor with QCW power up to 650W.

Our 1940nm series Continuous Wave (CW) and Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) fiber lasers deliver CW power up to 100 W and QCW pulsed power up to 625 W from a compact, air cooled, 48 V DC powered package. These highly reliable and energy efficient lasers operate at 1940nm wavelength and provides up to 7J of energy for your most demanding applications. Options include a high-power multi-mode output or a medium power single mode output, ideal for a diverse set of medical, industrial, scientific, aerospace and defense applications.


• 60W to 100W CW models provide power level and pulse energy options to support a range of applications.

• Customizable interface location and fiber length for ease of system integration.

• 625W of peak power & pulse widths as short as 50 us

• Equipped with air cooled package, eliminating need for a water chiller

QCW Fiber Laser Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Central laser   wavelength1940nm± 10 nm1940nm± 10 nm1940nm± 10 nm
Mode of   OperationCW / QCWCW / QCWCW / QCW
Maximum Peak   Power625 W625 W625 W
Maximum CW   Power60 W60 W60 W
Power   Tunability3 – 100%3 – 100%3 – 100%
Modulation   Frequency≤ 10 kHz≤ 10 kHz≤ 10 kHz
Rise and Fall   Times≤ 10 μs≤ 10 μs≤ 10 μs
Maximum Pulse   Energy7 J7 J7 J
Output BeamSingle mode,   22 μm MFDMulti-mode,   75 μm coreMulti-mode,   75 μm core
Beam Quality   M2<1.34 typ, (spec.   <5)<5
Electrical Specifications
Operating   Voltage, DC48 V48 V48 V
Control   InterfaceExternal hardwareExternal hardwareExternal hardware
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions540 x 481 x 179   mm540 x 481 x 179   mm540 x 481 x 179   mm
Optical Fiber0.9 m, FC/A   connector0.9 m, FC/A   connector0.9 m, FC/A   connector
Cooling   MethodAirAirAir
Environmental Specifications
Operating   Temperature+15 to +30°C+15 to +30°C+15 to +30°C
Storage   Temperature-10 to +60°C-10 to +60°C-10 to +60°C
Relative   Humidity10 to 80%10 to 80%10 to 80%

STR Series High Power QCW Fiber Lasers

The Quasi-Continuous Fiber Laser Series ranges from 75W to 600W, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better optical quality and lower maintenance cost. This series product is a perfect alternative of existing light-pumped YAG laser and is an ideal choice for spot welding, seam welding, boring and other industrial applications needing wide pulse and high peak due to its persified compatibility and the convenience for most YAG systems to use it with simple transformation.


  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency> 30%

  • Two work modes: continuous and pulse

  • Extremely stable output performance

  • Excellent light beam quality

  • Optional QCS / QBH output connector and output length

Technical specifications:

Operation modeCW/ModulationCW/ModulationCW/ModulationCW/Modulation
Average power(CW), (W)250500750800
Average power(Pulse), (W)150300450600
Maximum output power, (W)1500300045006000
Maximum pulse energy,(J)15304560
Wavelength (nm)1080±51080±51080±51080±5
Repetition rate (Hz)0-50000-50000-50000-5000
Pulse width (ms)0.05-500.05-500.05-500.05-50
Output power stability<3%<3%<3%<3%
Red laserYesYesYesYes
Beam delivery connectorQBHQBHQBHQBH
BBP (mrad)0.4, 2, 55, 105, 105, 10
Power supply200-240340-420340-420340-420
Control modeRS232/ADRS232/ADRS232/ADRS232/AD
Power output range (%)10-10010-10010-10010-100
Power consumption (W)1000200030003500
Size (mm)485x240x680650x890x1000650x1000x1450650x1000x1450
Weight (kg)<50<150<200<250
Operation temperature (°C)10-­4010-­4010-­4010-­40
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