Pulsed Fiber Lasers

Pulsed Fiber Lasers

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The pulsed fiber laser have many industrial applications in the field of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc.

1. STR Series 10-100W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser

The STR Series 10-100W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser is the industrial marking and micromachining laser. This series pulse laser has high peak power, high single-pulse energy and optional spot diameter and can be widely applied in the fields, such as marking, precision processing, graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper and aluminum with altitude stress resistance, stainless materials without altitude stress resistance. Its marking process features lower cost and more stable performance compared with traditional laser. All components of the 10-100W Q-switched pulse fiber laser are developed by us independently, with high product reliability. And its good compatibility has well recognized by the market and its quality has reached the international advanced level.

fiber laser


  • Highly stable laser output

  • High single-pulse energy

  • High marking efficiency

  • Short pulse setup time

  • High reliability

  • Maintenance-free operation

Technical specifications:

Average output power (W)1020305050100
Central wavelength1064
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)20-6030-6050-10020-200
Output power stability<3%<5%
Output beam diameter (mm)7±16.5±1
Pulse width (ns)80-10090-13090-15050-130
Maximum pulse energy (mJ)0.51
Delivery cable length (m)2
Power supply (VDC)24
Power range (%)10-100
Power consumption (W)120170240340340450
Size (mm)391x260x120396x360x123391x260x120396x360x123
Operation temperature (°C)0-40
Pulsed fiber laserSTR-P20QBSTR-P30QB
Optical isolatorYesYes
Nominal average output power (W)≥20≥30
Single pulse energy (mJ)1@20kHz1@30kHz
Beam quality(M2)<1.5<1.5
Beam Diameter(mm)7±17±1
Pulse duration(ns)<120@20kHz<120@30kHz
Pulse repetition rate(kHz)20 - 6030 - 60
Output Power Tunability(%)10-10010-100
Output Fiber Cable length(m)2.02.0
Working voltage(VDC)24±124±1
Power consumption(W)200@20℃300@20℃
CoolingForced Air CooledForced Air Cooled
Dimension W×D×H(mm)215×286×95215×286×95
Operating temperature(℃)0~40
Store temperature(℃)-20~60
Operating Humidity(%)≤80%
Average output power (W)≥20≥30
Central wavelength10641064
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)30 - 6040 - 60
Output power stability<3%<3%
Output beam diameter (mm)6-86-8
Pulse width (ns)110-140 @30kHz130-150 @40kHz
Maximum pulse energy (mJ)0.670.75
Beam quality (M2)<1.5<1.6
Power supply (VDC)24±124±1
Power range (%)10-10010-100
Power consumption (W)200@20℃300@20℃
Size (mm)290*215*95290*215*95
Operation temperature (°C)0~400~40

Remarks: STR-PQE, -P20QS and –P30QS are economic versions. Others are high-quality versions.

2. STR Series Short-pulse High-power Fiber Lasers

pulse fiber laser

The brand-new short pulse fiber laser Series has a variety of pulse width options, including high average power (10-2000W), high-peak power (≤15kW) and 2-350ns, adjustable repetition frequencies of 10-1000kHz, short pulse setup time (≤100µs), online modifiable pulse width and other characteristics. It is ideal for industrial applications in the field of solar photovoltaic, thin film cutting, sheet material cutting, welding, surface cleaning of materials, fine marking and material deepening, etc.


  • Common control interface

  • Extremely wide operating frequency range

  • A variety of pulse width options

  • Online modifiablepulse width

  • Short pulse setup time

  • High light beam quality

  • Aircoolingdesign

Technical specifications:

Central Emission wavelength (nm)106410641064
Nominal average output power (W)200@20-50kHz300@30-50kHz500@20-50kHz
Nominal average output power (W)100@10kHz250@20kHz200@10kHz
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)10-5020-5010-50
Laser power stability (8hrs)<5%<5%<5%
Pulse width (ns)90-130120-14080-160
Maximum Pulse energy (mJ)10@20kHz12.5@20kHz25@20kHz
Fiber core dia. (um)100100200
Fiber length (m)
Output power tunability (%)10-10010-10010-100
Operating voltage220VAC220VAC220VAC
Operating temperature (oC)0-400-400-40
Dimension WxDxH (mm)485x237x764485x237x764502x254x755

3. MOPA Pulsed Fiber Lasers

3.1 STR Series MOPA Pulsed Fiber Lasers

The MOPA pulsed fiber lasers have the features such as high average power (20-200W), high peak power (15kW), tunable pulse widths from 2ns to 500ns and as high pulse repetition rate as 2000kHz. These lasers are ideal for applications such as solar , film cutting, thin material cutting, high resolution marking etc.

Technical specifications:

Central Emission wavelength (nm)106410641064
Nominal average output power (W)2060100
Maximum Pulse energy (mJ)
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)10-100020-100020-1000
Pulse width (ns)2-35010-35010-350
Typical beam quality (M2)<1.3<1.6<1.6
Collimated beam diameter (mm)6-86-85.5-7.5
Output power tunability (%)10-10010-10010-100
Long term power stability (8hrs)<3%<3%<5%
Length of beam delivery fiber (m)
Operating voltage24VDC24VDC220VAC
Typical power consumption (W)150350450
Operating temperature (oC)0-400-400-40
Dimension WxDxH (mm)286x215x95340x260x120396x360x123

3.2 STJ-LP-Series MOPA Fiber Lasers

STJ-LP-Series Fiber Lasers adopts MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) structure, diode laser as seed light, and fiber based power amplification. This laser integrates independence adjustment of pulse width and frequency, to make sure a constant pulse energy output, which provides a good combining solution to the requirements of high power laser source and high marking speed.

The extremely flexible pulse width and frequency adjustment, which plays a significant impact on colour formation, enables colour or silver shining marking on stainless steel.


  • Flexible & independent control of pulse width & frequency

  • Selectable pulse shape

  • High repetition frequency

  • No laser leakage


  • Marking / Colour marking

  • Ablation

  • Cutting

  • Drilling

  • Scribing

  • Soldering

  • Trimming

  • Engraving

Technical specifications:

Output cable length (m)23
Average output power (W)>20> 30>60>100
Maximum pulse energy (mJ)0.81.2
Pulse repetition rate at Maximum power (kHz)25~40037 ~40050~40083~400
Pulse repetition rate (kHz)1~400
Pulse width (ns)200250
Output power stability (%)<5
Power supply (V)24
Current (A)<8< 10<15<20
Maximum power consumption (W)120140300450
Central wavelength (nm)1064
Pulse width @3dB (ns)<15
Resist of high reflectionYes
Beam diameter (mm)7±0.56±0.5
Power range (%)0~100
Operation temperature (°C)0~40
Storage temperature (°C)-10~60
Weight (kg)81013.4
Size (mm)laser:315×220×103, isolator: 42.5x42.4x262.5315×275×99337×278×120

3.3 STJ-M7 Series MOPA Fiber Lasers

STJ-M7 series high power pulsed fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration, and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. As compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters, the peak power of laser can be well maintained. These lasers are suitable for more material processing which Q-switch limited. The higher output power makes its advantages especially in high speed marking applications.

Application Advantages

  • Scribing, drilling

  • Surface treatment

  • Sheet metal cutting, welding

  • Marking on fly

  • Metal surface processing, peeling coating

MOPA fiber laser

Product numberSTJ-M7-20-SRSTJ-M7-30-SR
Delivery Cable Lengthm22
Nominal Average Output PowerW>20>30
Maximum Pulse EnergymJ0.80.8
Pulse Repetition Rate RangekHz1~40001 ~ 4000
Pulse Durationns2~3502 ~ 350
Output Power Stability%<5<5
Cooling MethodAirAir
Supply DC Voltage (VDC)V240.8
Current ConsumptionA<5<6
Environmental Supply CurrentA>5>6
Central Emission Wavelengthnm10641064
Emission Bandwidth@3dBnm<15<15
Output Beam Diametermm7±0.57±0.5
Output Power Tuning Range%0~1000 ~ 100
Operation Temperature0 ~400 ~ 40
Storage Temperature-10~60-10 ~ 60
Size(L×W×H)mm245×200×65245 × 200 × 65

MOPA fiber lasersMOPA fiber laser

MOPA fiber laser

Product NumberSTJ-M7-60-L1-RSTJ-M7-80-L1-RSTJ-M7-100-L1-RSTJ-M7-120-L1-R
Delivery Cable Lengthm3333
Nominal Average Output PowerW>60>80>100>120
Maximum Pulse EnergymJ1.
Pulse Repetition Rate RangekHz1 ~ 40001 ~ 40001 ~ 40001 ~ 4000
Pulse Durationns2~5002~5002~5002~500
Output Power Stability%<5<5<5<5
Cooling MethodAir CooledAir CooledAir CooledAir Cooled
Supply DC Voltage (VDC)V48484848
Current ConsumptionA<6<7<8<9
Environmental Supply CurrentA>6>7>8>9
Central Emission Wavelengthnm1064106410641064
Emission Bandwidth@3dBnm<15<15<15<15
Output Beam Diametermm7±0.57±0.57±0.57±0.5
Output Power Tuning Range%0~1000~1000~1000~100
Operation Temperature0 ~400 ~400 ~400 ~40
Storage Temperature-10~60-10~60-10~60-10~60
Size(L×W×H)mm325 × 260 × 75325 × 260 × 75350 × 280 × 112350 × 280 × 112

MOPA fiber laser

Product NumberSTJ-M7-150-L1-RSTJ-M7-200-L1-R
Delivery Cable Lengthm55
Nominal Average Output PowerW>150>200
Maximum Pulse EnergymJ1.51.5
Pulse Repetition Rate RangekHz1~40001~4000
Pulse Durationns4 ~ 5008 ~ 500
Output Power Stability% <5<5
Cooling MethodAir CooledAir Cooled
Supply DC Voltage (VDC)V4848
Current ConsumptionA<12<16
Environmental Supply CurrentA>12>16
Central Emission Wavelengthnm10641064
Emission Bandwidth@3dBnm<20<20
Output Beam Diametermm7±0.57±0.5
Output Power Tuning Range%0~1000~100
Operation Temperature0 ~ 400 ~ 40
Storage Temperature-10~60-10~60

4. STC Series Compact Fiber Lasers

fiber laser

We offer fiber lasers with compact OEM modular design which is ideal for systems integration. They are widely used in communication, lidar, medical cosmetology, optical instrument, interference, holography, spectrum analysis, pump source, measurement, physics experiment, etc. The 1550 nm and 1064nm fiber laser are in single longitudinal and polarized mode. The pulsed mode up to 1MHz modulation and pulse duration variation are also available.

ModelWavelength (nm)Output power(mW)Pulse widthModulation rateLongitudinal modePolarization
STC-FL-266-PS2661-10<10 ps20-60 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-343-PS3431-50<10 ps20-50 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-355-PS3551-50<10 ps20-60 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-515-PS5151-200<10 ps20-50 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-532-PS5321-150<10 ps20-60 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-1030-PS10301-2000<10 ps20-50 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1030-PS-Seed10300.5-1<10 ps20-50 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-PS10641-2000<10 ps20-60 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-PS-Seed10640.5-1<10 ps20-60 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-266-Pico2661-50100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-343-Pico3431-50100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-355-Pico3551-50100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-515-Pico5151-1000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-532-Pico5321-1000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-535-Pico5351-1000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-1030-Pico103010-5000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-Pico106410-5000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1070-Pico107010-5000100-900 ps0.1-20 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1030-S10301 uW-200 mW
         Peak power
5-100 ns
1 Hz-10 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-S10641 uW-500 mW
         Peak power
5-100 ns
1 Hz-10 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1550-S15501uW-10 mW
         Peak power
5-100 ns
1 Hz-10 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-266-Nano2661-500.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-343-Nano34310-3000.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-355-Nano3551-3000.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-515-Nano5151-10000.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-532-Nano5321-10000.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-535-Nano5351-10000.5-50 ns0.1-1 MHzMulti->15dB
STC-FL-1030-Nano10300.5-10 W0.5-250 ns
0.1-1 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-Nano10641000-50000.5-250 ns
0.1-1 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1070-Nano10700.5-10 W0.5-250 ns
0.1-1 MHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1550-Nano155050-10000.5-50 ns
50-1000 kHzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-532-AO53210-100 nJ0.5-50 ns1-1000 HzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-AO10641-20 uJ0.5-50 ns1-1000 HzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1550-AO15501-20 uJ0.5-50 ns1-200 HzMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1064-CW10641-20 WN/ACW/ modulatedMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1080-CW10801-20 WN/ACW/ modulatedMulti-Random/ >15dB
STC-FL-1550-CW15501-20 WN/ACW/ modulatedMulti-Random/ >15dB

5. STM Series Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers

775nm pulsed fiber of Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers have been designed to allow users flexibility in their application refinement. With user selectable pulse-widths and repetition rates, these lasers put more options into the hands of the user than traditional lasers with fixed parameters. In addition, the ability to externally trigger pulses on some of the models make these laser an extremely flexible tool.

Based on an all-fiber laser cavity design and offering excellent beam quality and wall plug efficiency, these compact air-cooled lasers are an ideal choice for your application.

ns fiber laser

  • Repetition Rate: 20 - 40 MHz*

  • Average Power Stability: < 3%

  • Pulse to Pulse Stability: <5%


  • All -fiber laser cavity

  • Excellent beam quality

  • High wall plug efficiency

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Highly reliable, maintenance free

  • Safety interlock

  • Compact & air-cooled


  • Structured Illumination Microscopy

  • Super Resolution Microscopy

  • 3rd Generation DNA Sequencing

  • Entertainment

  • Military, and Scientific Research

WavelengthEnergy/PulsePulse duration**
External or Internal Triggering1028, 1064, 1550 nm100 nJ1.5 - 4 ns
External or Internal Triggering514, 532 nm50 nJ1.3 - 4 ns
External or Internal Triggering775 nm30 nJ1.3 - 4 ns
Internal Triggering1120, 1240 nm60 nJ1.1 - 4 ns
Internal Triggering560, 620 nm10 nJ0.5 - 2 ns
  • * Other repetition rates custom

  • ** Other models available

6. Beam Combiner Modules

We also provide beam combiner modules (or called as red aiming module), which is designed for the use with the fiber lasers (or Nd:YAG lasers etc). Inside there is a beam combiner. A red diode is vertically fixed and the fiber laser beam horizontally goes through the module.

beam combiner module

The beam combiner module STM-1064/650 is designed for combining 1064nm and 650nm laser beams. The matchedred diodeis ST-SD650-5G1 and the beam combiner is the diemsnion Φ20x1.5mm (or Φ20x2mm, Φ20x3mm etc) such as STJ-1064-BC-20-2. For other laser wavelengths, just select other beam combiners and the beam combiner modules at other wavelengths are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

beam combiner module

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