355nm Lasers

355nm Lasers

Thanks to the integrated design, the product has compact structure, small size, light weight, low power consumption, stable operation over time and good beam quality. The laser’s driver has a simple design and a user-friendly operation interface.

STC Series 355 nm UV Solid State Lasers

(1) High Stability UV Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-UV-F-355/ 1~10mW
  2. STC-UV-FN-360/ 1~200mW
(2) Passively Q-switched UV Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-MPL-F-355/ 0.1~15uJ/1~100mW
  2. STC-MPL-Q-355/ 0.1~15uJ/1~150mW Pulse width 1.3ns
  3. STC-MPL-N-355/ 0.1~90uJ/ 1~800mW
  4. STC-MPL-W-355/ 25~80uJ/ 400~2000mW
(3) Actively Q-switched UV Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-AO-S-355/ 1~40uJ/ 1~100mW
  2. STC-AO-L-355/ 40~100uJ/ 1~300mW
  3. STC-AO-V-355/ 1~100uJ/ 1~2W
  4. STC-AO-V-355-Water/ 1~250uJ/ 1~5W
  5. STC-EO-XS-355/ 1~50uJ/ 1~2W
  6. STC-EO-355-G/ 4~150uJ Good beam quality
  7. STC-EO-355-N/ 4~250uJ
  8. STC-DPS-355-E/ 1~2mJ
  9. STC-DPS-355-Q/ 2~10mJ Water cooled
(4) Picosecond Pulsed UV Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-DPS-355-Pico/ 100~700mW
  2. STC-PS-R-355/ 1~2000mW
  3. STC-DPS-355-PS/ 1~6000mW Water cooled
(5) Lamp Pumped Q-switched Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-LPS-355-S/ 20~80mJ
  2. STC-LPS-355-L/ 80~200mJ
(6) Fiber Laser at 355nm
  1. STC-FL-355-PS/ 1~50mW Pulse duration <10ps
  2. STC-FL-355-Pico/ 1~50mW Pulse duration <900ps
  3. STC-FL-355-Nano/ 1~300mW
(7) Fiber Coupled Laser System at 355nm STC-MPL-355 (FC)/ 1~1500mW. All STC series lasers can be fiber coupled with different core diameter MM fiber or SM fiber. Please refer to the detailed specs of each laser (such as power, stability, noise, size, etc) to decide which one is suitable for your application. The fiber connectors are FC/SMA905. We will do the coupling job according to your specific requirements.

STL Series 355nm Q-switched 355nm DPSS Lasers

  • Laser head and power supply are individual and the laser head is compact

  • The laser is controlled via built-in panel and RS232

  • Widely used in 3C electronic applications and laser marking of metals and non-metals, 3D printing, surface film removing etc.

dpss lasers 355nm DPSS laser

Part number STL-355-3 STL-355-5
Wavelength 355nm 355nm
Output laser power >3W@40kHz >5W@40kHz
Beam divergence <2mrad <2mrad
Pulse repetition rate 20kHz-200kHz 20kHz-200kHz
Pulse duration <15ns@30kHz <15ns@30kHz
Pulse to pulse stability <3% <3%
Average power stability <3% <3%
Beam spatial mode TEM00 (M2 <1.2) TEM00 (M2 <1.2)
Polarization ratio >100:1 horizontal >100:1 horizontal
Beam diameter <1mm <1mm
Beam circularity >90% >90%
Cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Warm-up time <15min <15min
Operation temperature 18-35oC 18-35oC
Dimension (laser head) 292.1x139.7x112.8mm 292.1x139.7x112.8mm
Dimension (power supply) 305x250x110mm 305x250x110mm

dpss lasers

STI Series DPSS UV Lasers

Part Number STI-355-10 STI-355-15 STI-355-20
Wavelength(nm) 355 355 355
Pulse Repetition Rate (kHz) 10-50 50-150 50-150
Pulse Width (ns) @50kHz ≤18 ≤20 ≤20
Average Power (W) @30kHz >10 >15 >20
Average Power Stability over 24hrs <±3% <±3% <±3%
Spatial Mode TEM00 TEM00 TEM00
Beam Quality M² <1.3 <1.3 <1.3
Beam Divergence Full Angle (mrad) < 2 < 2 < 2
1/e2 Beam Dia. (mm) 0.7 0.7 0.7
Beam Roundness >90% >90% >90%
Pointing Stability (urad) <50 <50 <50
Polarization Direction Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Polarization Ratio 100:1 100:1 100:1
Cooling Water Water Water
Dimension (Laser Head) (mm) 415x115x106 415x115x106 415x115x106
Dimension (Power Supply) (mm) 480x454x130 480x454x130 480x454x130

Remark: Single shot to 200kHz for pulse repetition rate available upon request.


ITO film etching, ceramic cutting, scribing and marking, glass cutting and marking, polymeric material marking and cutting, material microprocessing, wafer cutting, laser rapid prototyping, scientific research.

As example, the performance of 15W laser is shown as follows.



STJ Series 355nm DPSS Lasers

1. STJ Lark-Series 355nm DPSS Lasers

STJ Lark-Series Lasers Includes UV and green light, it adopts a thermal method combining conduction heat dissipation and air convection heat dissipation. The pulse width is narrower, the repetition frequency is higher, the beam quality is high, and the spot roundness is high. In terms of structural design, it is smaller in size, lighter in weight and more beautiful in appearance. In the electronic control design, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability, high thermal management efficiency, user-friendly GUI interface.

Technical specifications:

Model STJ-Lark-355-3S STJ-Lark-355-5S
Wavelength 355nm
Average Power >3W@40kHz >5W@60kHz
Pulse Width <10ns@40kHz <10ns@60kHz
Pulse Repetition Rate 20kHz-200kHz 30kHz-200kHz
Spatial Mode TEM 00
Beam Quality M² M² ≤ 1.2
Beam Roundness >90%
Beam Divergence ≤2mard
Beam Diameter Non-expanding 0.7±0.1mm
Polarization Ratio > 100:1
Polarization Dircetion Vertical
Average Power Stability RMS ≤ 3% @ 24hs
Pulse Stability RMS ≤ 3% @ 40hs RMS ≤ 3% @ 60hs
Operating Temp & RH 10-35℃; <80%
Storage Temp & RH -15~50℃; <90%
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage DC 12V
Average Power Consumption < 300W < 350W
Size 236 × 118 × 110
weight Laser Head:4kg
Power Control :7kg

2. STJ Seal-Series 355nm DPSS Lasers

The STJ Seal-Series Lasers includes both UV and green lasers with excellent beam quality and perfect spot characteristics. The whole machine adopts integrated structure design, and the optical path and external drive circuit are integrated, which makes the product have strong anti-interference ability. Optimize and upgrade the fully sealed structure to prevent external dust. At the same time, the isolation of external water molecules make the machine have strong resistance of humidity, making the SEAL series adaptable to harsher industrial environments. In addition, a self-cleaning system in the cavity allows longer lifetime of the machine.

Technical specifications:

Model STJ-Seal-355-3S STJ-Seal-355-5S STJ-Seal-355-10S STJ-Seal-355-15S
Wavelength 355nm
Average Power >3W@40kHz >5W@60kHz >10W@80kHz >15W@80kHz
Pulse Width <10ns@40kHz <10ns@60kHz <12ns@80kHz
Pulse Repetition Rate 30kHz-200kHz 40kHz-300kHz
Spatial Mode TEM 00
Beam Quality M² M² ≤ 1.2
Beam Roundness >90%
Beam Divergence ≤2mard
Beam Diameter Non-expanding:0.7±0.1mm Non-expanding: 0.8±0.1mm
Polarization Ratio > 100:1
Polarization Direction Horizontal
Average Power Stability RMS ≤ 3% @ 24hs
Pulse Stability RMS ≤ 3% @ 40kHz RMS ≤ 3% @ 60kHz RMS ≤ 3% @ 80kHz
Operating Temp & RH 10~40℃; <80%
Storage Temp & RH -15~50℃; <90%
Cooling Water
Supply Voltage DC 12V
Average Power Consumption < 300W < 350W < 450W
Size 302 × 180 × 114mm 337 × 180 × 114mm
Weight 9kg 13kg